What It Means to ‘Primary’ a candidate. (Time 2 Roll)

We have 35 in the House to primary. God knows how many there will be in the Senate but they can be sure we’re watching and taking names.Someone will get their names.

This is the target list for primary challenges in 2022.

It is much better to face an enemy than to have one behind your back.

Here’s the backstabbers again.Thanks to Sundance at the Conservative TreeHouse. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2021/05/19/gop-house-primary-target-poster/

(He has an awesome blog. If you’re not following it,you’re missing out. The best reporting i’ve seen anywhere. No lie, no exaggeration).

Done. Where’s the fork?

When you primary a candidate the object is not to make them lose,but to beat them. What we have to do here is get candidates willing to step up to the plate and challenge each of these backstabbers in their respective states. The candidate could be you. Yes, YOU so give it some thought and run if you’ve got it in you.We’ll back you.

We need good solid MAGA candidates. If you hear any Republican say “I’m willing to reach across the aisle” or it’s companion, “I’m willing to work with anyone willing to work with us”-DROP EM right then and there.

We want people willing to represent us. The Democrats don’t need help to destroy us.They are trying that on their own.

We don’t need people who are perfect but let’s be reasonable. We don’t need Republicans with the word loser written all over them either. We’ve had 4 or 5 I could name(but won’t)and opine about why they lost; sure you could too. We don’t need to know how to lose. We know how to do that. We need to look to our winners like President Trump. He won against all odds and actually won in 2020 till the Republicans fell asleep at the wheel and watched the Democrats cheat.Maybe some of the Republican leadership didn’t fall asleep at the wheel either. They may have been helping steer it.

Good examples of the kind of candidates we need are Mo Brooks and Mark McCloskey:


McCloskey is,the St Louis attorney who rose to prominence after he pointed a gun at Black Lives Matter protesters last summer joined the US Senate race on Tuesday, May 18. Mark McCloskey, a personal injury attorney, declared his candidacy on Tuesday in the 2022 race for Senator Roy Blunt‘s soon-to-be-vacant seat. McCloskey started a campaign website earlier that day to solicit donations.

He also appeared on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on FOX News to make the formal announcement. “I’ve always been a Republican, but I’ve never been a politician,” McCloskey told Carlson. “But, you know, God came knocking on my door last summer disguised as an angry mob, and it really did wake me up.” McCloskey said he was inspired to run for office as he was rallying for former President Donald Trump. “All we hear is talk, and nothing ever changes,” he said. “You have to send people to DC who are willing to tell the truth and fight for our values.”

It doesn’t matter what their background is as long as they can relate to the people they expect to vote for them. We have to support people who have some semblance of sanity, common sense and a good chance of defeating their opponent. There’s never a guarantee-obviously-but we should be able to size up how well someone could do. If they give it their all and then lose that’s ok too. Let’s go into this with the attitude we’re bound to win first though. We have to. The upcoming election is going to be the moment of truth.

The one thing the Democrat Marxists have is that they stick together. They don’t vote against their own, ever. When Pelosi says jump, they say how high and if they can’t, they sit down, shut up and vote with her anyway. You’ll only see 1 maybe 2 defectors if you’re lucky. They’re usually in states that tend to lean Republican so maybe 1 of the 2 even vote on principle; it’s usually to save their own skin. Sometimes they’ll talk principle but when it comes to the vote, they vote with their colleagues.

We get the backstabbers. They don’t seem to mind going to the other side. Then there’s the uniparty. McConnell is their leader. Kevin McCarthy isn’t anyone to write home about either. Yep, we get the backstabbers.

We have to start now. It’s going to take building support, raising money and getting the word out there. If a candidate is from a different state and you feel you can support them don’t let the state boundaries stop you.

Jim Jordan has the best slogan and right attitude. It’s “do what we said.” Pres Trump had a similar slogan, “promises made, promises kept.” We need that kind of candidate. The 35 people in the graphic are the say one thing and do another group. We have a few more of those in Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Mittens Romney. They have to go too.

It’s a tall order. That’s a lot of people to primary and then we have a Democrat Marxist to defeat. We must challenge every single one of these Republicans. If we at least get the majority replaced that will work. Let’s be honest, nothing could be better than to send all 35 plus packing. There is a sign of hope. We put pressure on them to oust Liz Cheney and they did.

What took Kevin McCarthy so long? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Let the backstabbers know they’re on notice. Let them know we intend to defeat them. Share the graphic. Give the Senate a warning too. We better not see one Republican Senator vote for this garbage.

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