We Are 74 Million #MAGA Patriot Strong. We Can Do This!!

The left saw Mark Levin and Matthew Lohmeier on the best seller list at Amazon and pushed their ideological books to the top spots putting Mark Levin down to #9. Ideas Matter. These 2 books are very important and it’s equally important to take down the left where we can. I know there are 74 million Trump supporters who intend to take our country back.We can win at least 1 battle here. We have huge battles ahead of us and i’m going to continue giving ammo to those,but getting a pre-oder of American Marxism is a good battle to win. i already pre-ordered a copy for myself and am so excited to be waiting for a FIRST EDITION soon enough. Please order Matthew’s book and pre-order American Marxism. It was a shame it dropped to 9. i was sure he’d still be up at #1.No,i do not get any compensation from either Levin or Amazon. Don’t want any,don’t need any. I believe this book is that important that i’ve been putting it out here every chance i get. Love you Trump supporters-you’re great patriots so i’m going to count on you to help out here.You will get any discount they have on the book when it’s ready to be shipped even if you order now. Good deal,great book!

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