For the Republicans. An Opening Salvo. Go Get Em!(for libs; those are figures of speech).

While Biden is taking a wrecking ball to all the great things Pres Trump accomplished for the country, the Democrat Marxists are plotting how to connive the American ppl into voting them into power in 2022.They will likely go the tried and true route; ‘we’re not that great, but the Republicans are worse.” They will still be trying to destroy Donald Trump and they will create scandals around other Republicans, especially the pro Trump Republicans. RESPONSE. Expose their REAL scandals. You don’t have to go far to find them.

The Republicans must go on offense. I understand the Democrats intend to use the Jan 6 riots to accuse Trump of an insurrection. Therefore anyone who supports Trump supported the insurrection.

What to do? Don’t just sit there that’s for sure.

Turn it around on them.

Pound it home every day about the violence of Antifa(notably)and BLM.

Note the unarmed supposed insurrectionists. Note Trump’s call for a peaceful law abiding protest. Do NOT get into the weeds and condemn Jan 6. They’ll do enough of that and they never mention the year of violence in 2020(Portland in particular).We know you condemned the Jan 6 riot. You don’t need to do it the 50th time and give them ammo. DEMAND the DOJ release the footage they have of the Jan 6 break in. For some reason they’re hiding it. Anytime the agencies hide anything they’re covering up a lie.

Stand up for the non violent protestors. Point out the discrepancy between how the Trump supporters are being treated and how Antifa/BLM are being supported. That’s not justice. How about those possibly unconstitutional raids on Roger Stone and Rudy Guilliani. I’m no Roger Stone fan but the pre dawn raid with CNN filming was out of control. The sentencing of Paul Manafort and his solitary confinement was uncalled for.

Go after the Biden’s. They’re corrupt to the core.

Make sure people know how the Democrats get away with everything. When they try to circulate a lie about a Republican like Matt Gaetz, make sure people know about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Get the pictures out there. Trust me, they’re around. How about Eric Swalwell’s honey pot? The 3 year lie about Russia and Trump right in the face of the American ppl, with Biden’s approval for spying and leaking, is worth bringing up as many times as possible. It’s all true. Sure the Democrats will ignore all that, but if you beat the drum like they do, the folks won’t. They’ll start a narrative about how the Republicans pounce or Republicans seize. It’s their way of getting people off their backs. When they do that take advantage. Say yes we do-wear the mantle proudly-because someone has to hold them ACCOUNTABLE.

You don’t need the approval of the leftist media. They’re the enemy. They are out to destroy you. They are out to destroy the country. Who cares what they think? They don’t do news. They do propaganda. They are not there to get your message out.

As for the rank and file Trump supporters, here’s what we do. Get the numbers up for Pres Trump Desktop blog. It matters. The left takes note of stuff like this. Besides, it’s his way of communicating with us.

i know the site doesn’t take comments but i can’t say as i blame him. The libs would be all over it.They destroy everything they touch.

Donate directly to MAGA candidates. Make sure you vote when they’re up for special elections. Don’t fall asleep because it’s not 2022 yet. Put out petitions and sign them. Leftists aren’t the brightest people on the planet but they’re doers. When they’re called on for anything ,no matter how crazy it is, they respond. They march. They sign petitions. When someone says jump, they say ‘how high’? We don’t have to be like that, but we do have to rally around a cause. How about a legitimately elected President that was cheated out of a term he earned and WE voted for? How about a country people fought and died for?

Pre-order Mark Levin’s American Marxism. Get the book to #1 and keep it there. It matters.

Remember the left when they started the Resistance the very day of Trump’s win?

They wasted no time and they were relentless. That’s where we have to be. They’re trying to destroy the country and we have the evidence; . We’re trying to save it. We should be on fire or lit as they call it. We should be something but we surely don’t need to be complacent. They don’t win unless we let them. They want us to feel defeated; like there’s just no use. Trump wasn’t removed from office. Trump didn’t resign. That’s what they were aiming for and they didn’t get it. They didn’t throw in the towel for an instant. So they set up some of the critical states to commit fraud in the 2020 election. They were willing to go that far. Now they’re trying to codify it for the next elections. They certainly expose their capabilities with that one. It’s called HR1 or the falsely titled ‘for the people’ act. It’s proof in itself what they actually DID in 2020.

These Republicans better stand up for Trump. They don’t seem to get that whatever they did to him and got away with they will surely try to pull on them.

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