Word: plan to take a slightly different direction here. Still #MAGA not to worry.

There’s a lot of great sites out there ie Conservative TreeHouse,Epoch Times,from the Desk of Donald J Trump to name a few. I usually reblog the best stories they’ve got. I’m assuming most people are familiar with them by now and probably subscribed to get the stories DIRECTLY. Dan Bongino and others have their new rumble accounts while they’re still on you tube. I grab those too-one or the other but usually rumble- as well as the audio program from Mark Levin. Since most of you have these sites already there’s no point in being redundant and posting the same stories twice. I was hoping eventually it would come to that. Unless i hear otherwise will assume it has.

The slightly [very slightly]different direction i’m planning to take the blog is simple. Nothing major. Given the numerous crisis our country is going through,the fake president who was installed and the elections of 2022 and 24 coming up i want to lean a little more towards frontal attacks. No,not physical attacks. Nothing violent, not even close. We know the left uses Alinsky tactics. We know they play dirty and the worse they get,the more the Republicans capitulate. Not all of them,ok? I’ll back the warriors and know you will join me. I want to help the reluctant Republicans go on offense. What i’m trying to say is that i plan to write up counter Alinsky tactics. Gloves off. We need that.

The first step is to keep an eye on what the enemy is up to. Remember they’re going to yell squirrel whenever you get close to the truth.The next step is to write the narrative before they do. They’re crafty [diabolical]and have this down to an art. We can’t let them get away with it anymore. They have the media backing them up so it’s a bigger challenge for us but we still have to make the effort.

Yes,they have the media,academia, and the institutions of government. Some institutions the American ppl used to count on. They’ve become politicized and the average citizen can no longer count on them. I’m referring to the FBI,CIA,DOJ & DOD all being under the control of corrupt people in the Democrat Marxist party. Collectively this is known as the Deep State.Sunlight is STILL the best disinfectant. That will never change.

I’ll still grab a story here and there but knowing you’re probably already up to speed not as often. Most of these sites are listed in the menu or the blog roll.

Finally,i have to encourage everyone to get in their pre-order for Mark Levin’s American Marxism. It’s not just going to be a great book to read but the Great One is going to give us a blueprint, so to speak, for what we can actually DO.

IMHO the book is going to be very informative. i took my very last dime and pre-ordered a copy from Amazon. I really felt it was that important.I’m not done pre-ordering either. I have to get another copy in June.

BTW,I don’t get any compensation for the promotion.NONE. Don’t need it,don’t want it. There’s just too many good reasons to promote it,including the fact that Levin writes books worth reading. I have the feeling this is going to be his best-at the least, it is critical for our times. As i have said before,ideas matter. Yes,they do!!! Let’s get the book to #1 before it is even going out the door.

Your pre order will be a First Edition .You will also get the discount price offered at the time it is ready to be shipped. Can’t beat that with a stick.

American Marxism

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