The Left’s Resistance Movement(remember that)?

BTW there were some images too violent to upload.

This was from day 1 after Trump was elected. Long before Trump even won the nomination his campaign was spied on by the Obama-Biden admin and the Russia Lie was being planted. The media was ready to roll. They played a key role in the Russia Lie.

So what were these people resisting? Low unemployment, an economy taking off like a rocket, high employment for blacks and hispanics,low gas prices, energy independence, peace in the Middle East? At the end of 2020 we had operation warp speed in place and the economy was starting to turn the corner from the pandemic.

I know the media isn’t reporting the disasters Biden has created or at the least providing cover for him but surely your eyes must work and your brain has to register what a downward spiral our country is in. You may be letting the media gaslight you. Every time i say that a liberal accuses me of watching Fox or OANN. We cut the cord over a year ago and went to an air antenna. It’s free and i don’t watch tv anyway. We got the antenna more for my husband than both of us. He enjoys some older shows. This may be surprising but he does not get into either politics or news.

From time to time i do catch SOME Fox coverage of the news but it’s rare; same for OANN and it’s all on the desktop, not the television. The menu is a snapshot of where i get most of my information from and it doesn’t include Fox.

I digress but you get the idea.

Speaking of media, let’s take a look at how Biden treats the media that worships him.

I have a question for the liberals who eat up cable news-what do you know about the Russia Hoax, the background of the Biden’s in Ukraine, Spygate, Hunter Biden’s connection to China and Ukraine,the sale of U.S. uranium(yellow cake)to Russia, the Obama-Biden deal with Iran or the Hunter laptop?What did you think of the 2020 election when the results suddenly stopped coming in or the unconstitutional actions re election law in those key states? Do you approve of HR1? Any idea what’s in it? Do you approve of censorship of opposing political views? Would you have called Trump a dictator/tyrant/authoritarian/Hitler if he had Obama or Biden banned from Twitter and Facebook? Are you ok with the FBI,FISA court and DOJ approval of spying on American citizens or breaching the Attorney-Client privilege? Are you ok with the Big Tech companies taking down a social media platform on behalf of a political party? Do you even bother to look at what cable news is trying to hide?

Biden is destroying the country doing all the things you accused Trump of doing. This is the foundation of a Marxist country; we can easily become Venezuela. So you resisted all the good things Trump did for the country and now you support your own destruction. Remember, when we go down you will go down with us. Nobody escapes. You think you’re ‘woke’. You’ll be awake all right.

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