Mark Levin Audio Rewind 5.13.21 America is In Peril. Thank you fraudulent Pres Biden and corrupt media

Yes, i said that. Biden is a fraud-he didn’t win-and his media is corrupt,with all due respect. He’s destroying the country. Be sure you thank him too, especially as you’re lining up to get gas(provided you can get any) or forking out the extra bucks to buy your groceries.

If Biden actually won-which i doubt-we have a lot of geniuses to thank for the current state of affairs.

American Marxism-Mark Levin

Already pre-ordered mine. Counting down the days till it arrives in the mail. If you have a thing about Amazon you can always pre-order from Barnes and Noble. Your preference. I ordered from Amazon to get the free shipping. In fact if you pre-order and Amazon drops the price you get the discount. Good deal. The best deal is reading what is likely Levin’s best book to date. We need this book out there and show the left we can get this book to #1. They’ll get the message.

I get no compensation for promoting the book. i just happen to believe it is very important to the MAGA movement and a step in saving the Republic. Ideas matter. The left knows that.

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