House GOP Votes Stefanik as Replacement for Cheney

The House GOP voted Stefanik, 36, as House Republican Conference chair over challenger Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), 48.The vote, which took place behind closed doors, was 134–46.

“I want to congratulate Elise Stefanik and welcome her to the leadership team,”

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told a press conference.Roy, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, launched a last-second bid on Thursday, with supporters arguing that he would better represent Republicans. He said after the vote that he would support Stefanik, whom he described as a friend and colleague.

Source: House GOP Votes Stefanik as Replacement for Cheney

Now let’s move on to winning in 2022 and 24!!!!

Update on Father Frank Pavone,priests for life(for those who are following his progress)

For anyone who supports Priests for Life and Father Pavone; here is an update. Rumor is and rumor ONLY that he might be discharged on Saturday.

Father Pavone looks good here. Far better than he did a few days ago. Of course all hooked up to everything in ICU and just coming out of open heart surgery is going to be a lot different than being in a regular room, sitting up.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden pushing out second-highest US border official | Washington Examiner

The Biden administration is pushing out the most senior career official at the country’s largest law enforcement agency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, according to two people with firsthand knowledge.Political appointees at the Department of Homeland Security chose not to keep CBP Deputy Commissioner Robert Perez on as the second in command of the federal agency. Perez was promoted to his position at CBP headquarters in Washington in July 2018 and oversaw operations of trade, travel, immigration, and national security at land, air, and sea borders.Biden officials attempted to demote Perez, a 29-year federal law enforcement officer, by transferring him to an office in Tucson, Arizona. Perez now plans to retire, the people said.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Biden pushing out second-highest US border official | Washington Examiner

(1312) Bye Bye Swamp Creature! – YouTube

What happened to join the military, serve the country and win our battles? Disgusting. A cartoon, seriously? Are they recruiting kids? The message is asinine. It speaks stay away to me. The army ad is worse than the crap the corrupt FBI put out. We’re doomed people. Better hope Pres Trump runs in 2024, if it’s not too late by then.

Share this video so people are AWARE of what’s going on.

they loved our country