Update on Fr. Frank Pavone’s Heart Surgery

Update: Wednesday May 12, 10:30 AMPrayers for Fr. Frank are Being Answered!  He is Making a Remarkable Recovery!Though he is still in pain from his open heart surgery yesterday, Fr. Frank Pavone is recovering very quickly, his doctors said. He attributes this quick recovery to the tens of thousands of prayers being said for him around the world, and also to his great medical team.This morning he ate solid food for the first time (French Toast) and also began physical therapy. He was able to sit up in a chair, stand up straight and even take a short walk down the hospital corridor. His surgeon, Dr. Kevin Accola, examined him and said his heart murmur is now completely gone, due to the successful repair of his mitral valve. He also said Fr. Frank was doing so well that he might be discharged as early as Saturday. A nurse on the floor said: “If all our patients progressed as quickly as Fr. Pavone we’d be out of a job!” And another physician on duty, Dr. Adriana Otto, said to Fr. Frank: “You have to leave the ICU unit today- because this floor is only for sick people!”Notwithstanding this good news, we ask that prayers for Fr. Frank continue, as he is still experiencing much pain and has a long way to go before he is fully recovered. 

Source: Update on Fr. Frank Pavone’s Heart Surgery


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