Twitter Libs Re Gas Shortage. Could you share on Twitter please?

Vanilla Gorilla gets proof that these 2 Trump supporters are responsible for the gas shortage.
Solution from a Biden supporter. Of course he’s going to pay for the remarkable plan himself. Not that he offered. He will also explain how the plan actually works. He’s almost as bright as AOC. The rest of the libs are blaming the shortage solely on the hack while conveniently omitting Biden had already shut down pipelines [by executive order] before the hack even touched them.

I wouldn’t be too overly concerned. If the NYTimes and our incredible media reports that everything is coming up roses with the Biden administration in charge [and it was 3x as terrible under Trump] then none of this is really happening. There are no high unemployment numbers, gas shortages, long lines at the gas pump, inflation, rising gas prices and war breaking out in the Middle East. We’re good.

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