Pushing the Limits on Embryo Research

It is no surprise to many of us that the “14-day rule,” which limits research on human embryos to their first two weeks of development, is being challenged.
For those of us who were around during the Bush presidency and the time of the great stem cell debates, we always knew the 14-day rule would erode.

A film I produced, “Lines That Divide” is a great primer or refresher for those who are curious about that time in U.S. political and scientific division.

Will embryonic stem cells have the potential for developing cures for disease? If so, at what expense? Some argued we would be at risk for a new form of biological colonialism, where there would be vats of human embryos available to researchers.

The ethical debate during this time was the tension between our moral duty to pursue scientific progress to develop cures and treatments that provide healing hope for those suffering versus destroying early human life to develop treatments.

During this contentious time, celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Christopher Reeves, and Mary Tyler Moore took to the scene and pleaded that we needed cures, cures, cures. Opponents of the use of embryos in research rejected destroying nascent human life for the benefit of others—the ends do not justify the means.

Source: Pushing the Limits on Embryo Research

a time framed rule is arbitrary. life begins at conception. it’s all we need to go by. Anything beyond that is subjective. Embryonic stem cell research is a non negotiable in the Catholic Church. The left lies and claims we oppose stem cell research. Far from the truth. There is more promise and actual proof that adult stem cells can provide CURES CURES CURES. Embryonic stem cell research and abortion are both non negotiable. They are intrinsically evil. Nothing good will come of it. The push for embryos will encourage more abortions.
These fields have forgotten science & medicine REQUIRE ethics.

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