The Twitter Gulag

Any chance Jack showed you the door? Maybe you noticed your followers have vanished? You, of course know a Pres, [now former President] was banned. A U.S. President no less. Can you imagine? The only one too, which should tell you everything you need to know. Oddly enough it’s not even a shock is it? After that, a friend of mine and i both talked about leaving twitter. Jack made it sooner rather than later. We were both suspended and can’t get back.In a nutshell, banned, or as we call it the gulag. A temporary suspension is the Twitter jail.

i can access twitter enough to read the tweets. I can even grab a code and embed it here. I see they took all my 10k followers down to ZERO so even if i wanted to go back and they let me, i would have to start all over.When i take a peek now and then i see the trends are all pretty much the same as they always were. We’re not missing a thing. If Twitter ever unbanned me i wouldn’t go back anyway for that very reason. The leftist hate speech runs rampant. It’s just like it was when Trump was in office. Every week they trended the same garbage day after day. It didn’t change much. They would rotate between impeachment and resign including every lie they could come up with. The Russia story-aka spygate (doubt that ever trended)- was THE story for a long time, but there were 2 topics you COULDN’T bring up. Hunter Biden and the laptop or questions about the 2020 election. In fact you can’t talk about the fraudulent election on most social media. You can’t as much as , ask questions that might cast doubt on the election of Joe Biden.

I checked back today to see what might be trending. Same old crap. Attacks on Trump and/or the Trump family. Nothing new. They’re pathetic. There’s a humorous trend on there though. You’ll get a kick out of this one. The Democrat Marxists, which includes their media apparatus(“news”),are praising Liz Cheney and just shy of criticizing cancel culture. They think they can have it both ways. She’s their new hero and evidently Joni Ernst is sticking up for her. So Ernst is another new hero for the left. Trust me, when Liz is gone and Ernst is up for re-election they will be just as hated as they were before. Wish the Republican butt kissers would get that the media IS the enemy who lies right into the camera every day. They live and breathe lies. Their job is to gaslight the public. Why do some Republicans try to get their approval? I’d tell them to pound sand. In fact, right now, i am telling Jack, Twitter and his anti Trump army over there to pound sand. Why do we put up with it?

Please people,i entreat you, leave twitter. i know it’s addicting. i know you’re tempted to stay;been there, did that.I used to think it served a purpose for me to stay and try to battle the garbage from the left everyday. It’s useless. A total dead end.I met good people though.

Lots of Trump supporters. i have to admit they were fantastic. Some of the most patriotic people you will find anywhere are on twitter, but my getting sent to the gulag was the best thing that could happen to me.It gave me time to really consider if being there was useful or just infuriating. If we collectively all delete our accounts and leave, i guarantee a year from now twitter will bite the dust. I’ll eat a big blue crow if i’m wrong. Twitter won’t go away quickly-patience required-but it will go away. Why prop it up? I asked myself that question.

that works

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