Remember when Pres Trump said we would never be a socialist country in his final SOTU address? Only the Republicans cheered. Pelosi looked FURIOUS.

I will never forget that. You have to ask why would the Democrats sit that one out and Speaker Pelosi look like she was going to jump up out of her seat and choke him? You could read her mind without her saying a word. Her expression spoke for her.

Socialist is the Democrats way of putting it. They’re Marxists. You know it and i know it. We shouldn’t be afraid to say it. They should own it and we should be rubbing their noses in it. It’s the truth. For those that think Marxism is some harmless ideology you think wrong. It’s destroyed lives time and time again. The same corporations & tech companies backing the Democrats are anti American. They benefit as much from China as the United States. One day, when the Marxists in government fully transform our country as they promised,they will go down with us. Serves them right.

Do i sound angry? Hope so, because i am. My father fought in WWII for our country and to defend freedom abroad when Hitler and Mussolini were taking over the world with their diabolical ambitions. My son joined the military himself-spent years since high school-and now i wish he would get the hell out.

Biden couldn’t find his butt with both hands but the propaganda that gets spewed out there every day is disgusting. They think nobody can see what they’re doing. They even think the truth won’t get out. Sorry Joe, but no matter how many innocent people you send your goons in the FBI and DOJ after, the truth is still going to get out. That’s right-GOONS and until some of the rank and file who have any integrity left start whistleblowing i am going to have to assume the whole agency is corrupt. There is no Justice Dept. It’s gone. The FBI is a hit squad on a political mission. Don’t tell me you had to follow orders. Where have we heard that one before?

If our military were willing to defend the Constitution they swore to protect and defend they would do the American people a favor and pull off a coup until law and order is restored. We do not support a MARXIST government. We support our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is probably too much to hope for though. BTW. Before anyone goes off the deep end here i’m exercising my right to free speech. It’s protected. i do not advocate violence. Never have, never will. Do i make myself clear? I’m saying it because i’m thinking it and i have the right. Madonna admitted she thought about blowing up the White House when Trump was President. i didn’t hear squid so spare me.The assassination play? Hardly a peep. Antifa and BLM insurrection? Nope. The media told us they were peaceful protests. How do you like being lied to by your own media? I could rattle off a whole list of calls for violence and ACTS of violence by the left that got a pass.

Biden’s cognitive abilities are so poor he can hardly get out a coherent sentence. The media knows this but they’re willing to lie for him as if our eyes and ears don’t work. He’s quite the mouthpiece. Who’s pulling the strings? Is he doing his son’s [Hunter]crack? Wouldn’t surprise me.At least he’s not doing his son’s hoes but he did manage to help him get money from China,Ukraine and possibly Russia to pay for them. And they were looking into Trump’s family? Give the propaganda machine a trophy for covering up for the Biden’s. Journalism? Gone. Kids do not go to school for journalism. It doesn’t exist. Find a career you can be proud of.

The border crisis-what crisis? How long can the media get away with gaslighting on that one? Neither he nor his “hands on” sidekick Harris-who he put in the charge of it-have been down to the border to look into the problem. He supposedly put Harris in charge ( a media head fake) and then she vanished. They dropped off some of these illegal aliens around here. Better look into it in your own locations. God only knows how many they’re going to relocate to your area. I know this for a fact.

So think back to that SOTU and realize the reason the Democrats sat on their hands and Pelosi was angry was because they were furious Pres Trump stood up for our republic. They wanted us to become a MARXIST country and he stood in the way.

PRE ORDER. Get it to #1.Keep it at #1. It’s our way to stand up for what we believe in! Give it to friends, family and other patriots. i get no compensation or reward for promoting the book. i pre-ordered with my last dime because i believe it is that important. I don’t want a thing for doing it. Every single one of us can speak out loud and clear with each purchase. Educate the public.

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