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President Donald J. Trump 🇺🇸

will be catching up with Pres Trump’s previous notes on his new website from the Desk of. Please share these on whatever social media you are able to get it posted on. I have never heard of a time when a former President was banned from speaking to the public. You have to wonder what it would have been like had the Trump administration insisted the former Pres Obama had to be banned. Of course,Pres Trump was not in bed with these big corporations and tech moguls like Biden is. He was never the dictator that Biden actually IS. If you’re on the left and find it acceptable then you have to admit you don’t mind having a dictator as long as it’s Biden. You don’t mind as long as they suppress free speech you don’t like, especially when it’s the truth. You can be sure if Pres Trump had pulled half this crap you’d be rioting in the streets and whining on Twitter. It’s all you ppl ever did on Twitter while Trump was President. It’s one of the reasons i decided to get off Twitter-of course, Jack made it sooner than later when i got banned. Someone must have objected to something i said and reported it. I only ever reported one person, one time on Twitter the whole time i was there. If someone said something i didn’t like i’d either ignore it or block em. No need to report. The one time i did report an account was because the owner had sent porn to my account deliberately. It was the one time i reported and blocked both. You ppl were babies who couldn’t handle anything. I moved to parler where people act like adults and are treated like adults. Other ppl were losing followers on Twitter. What kind of place is that? We helped build Twitter into a social media giant and then got kicked in the behind. Some of us went there only because of Pres Trump.i hope people keep leaving. It can go the way of my space as far as i’m concerned. Parler is excellent and over time i’m sure it will continue to improve. You can find me on Parler with the account name @ratzpack.

Anyway, rant over; i will be posting all the messages from our legitimate President here and hope you will share them with as many people as possible!

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump: The Fake News Media, working in close conjunction with… | Donald J. Trump

The Fake News Media, working in close conjunction with Big Tech and the Radical Left Democrats, is doing everything they can to perpetuate the term “The Big Lie” when speaking of 2020 Presidential Election Fraud. They are right in that the 2020 Presidential Election was a Big Lie, but not in the way they mean. The 2020 Election, which didn’t even have Legislative approvals from many States (which is required under the U.S. Constitution), and was also otherwise corrupt, was indeed The Big Lie. So when they try to sell the American people the term The Big Lie, which they do in unison and coordination, think of it instead as the greatest Fraud in the history of our Country! An even greater Hoax than Russia, Russia, Russia, Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, or any of the other many scams the Democrats pulled!

Source: From the Desk of Donald J. Trump: The Fake News Media, working in close conjunction with… | Donald J. Trump