Why I Spent My Last Dime & Pre-Ordered Mark Levin’s American Marxism(yes,it’s THAT important)

Question for the high tech sector who support the Marxist regime in the White House; when the economy crashes where do you think that is going to leave you? As long as it hurts middle America-the average Joe and Jane-you don’t care but when they go broke and can’t keep you in business then what? Are you ready to struggle along with them? You do know you and the propaganda machine (media)are going to be held responsible? Hold yourselves responsible. You want to be woke. Let this wake you up. You’re helping the Marxists destroy the country. You’ll go down with it. You better hope we win this battle. You helped take out Pres Trump. You’re going to remember how good you had it under his governance.

Now let’s get into the topic at hand. Why i took my last dime and pre-ordered Mark Levin’s book American Marxism. I can tell you why he wrote it and why he’s doing all he can promote it. One of the reasons is NOT money. He doesn’t need it. Name recognition? Nope. Obviously has that. He wanted to get another book out there? Hardly. He’s written plenty of books that have all sold well over the years. They’re a lot of work and very time consuming. In a nutshell it’s because we’re at a crucial time in our history [when we need a Mark Levin to write such a book] & he knew it. I sent a signed copy of his book Ameritopia to my son. It was a book that played a large part in my journey from liberalism to conservatism. Another book was Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart. Andrew was an huge influence on my own conversion to conservative ideology before i even really knew who Mark Levin was. I might never have read Ameritopia had it not been for Andrew. Andrew Breitbart was one of a kind. Greatly miss him.I’m convinced that Trump was the candidate he was always waiting for.

I also read Rush Limbaugh’s books and watched him on tv. He had a wit that slayed liberalism every time. Glenn Beck wasn’t too shabby either. He lost me for awhile over his opposition to Trump.(I have gotten over it since then). Glenn is a person of principles so i’m sure he failed to support Trump in the beginning based on what he considered good reason. Glenn eventually came around; Levin was a tad skeptical himself and he came around. Nobody comes close to defending our President Trump like Mark Levin does.He gets it.

Levin actually has a great sense of humor-lose it when he says ‘with all due respect’-but when there’s a topic that needs dead serious discussion he’s not called the great one for nothing. He wrote American Marxism because somebody had to call these people what they were; not Democrat Socialists, Progressives or Liberal Democrats. MARXISTS. Mark is brutally honest and boy do we need that now more than ever. He is brilliant. He knows our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights inside out.If anyone can spell out American Marxism it is him. He wrote the book to rally the troops so to speak and definitely to save the country. Ideas matter. Words matter. Books matter. Freedom of Speech REALLY matters.

He’s promoting his book not out of self self-aggrandizement. Mark has never been shy about speaking truth to power, especially now. He doesn’t care what people think when it comes to speaking the truth. He’s trying to get it to no. 1 and keep it at no. 1 for several reasons. First and foremost to get the public on the offense. They have to know what they’re up against and how to push back. The other reason is so they don’t end up (they being the Marxists themselves)burning his book through censorship. Finally, he’s promoting the book to outperform some of the idiotic leftist publications that will get to and have already made it to #1. If his book American Marxism gets to #1 and stays at #1 that in itself sends a message. We have to get it up there and keep it up there. If we could get the book to set a record that would be outstanding. The message would be loud and clear. He says it’s one of his best. He wouldn’t flippantly make that claim. Another reason to pre-order; it is going to be a fantastic read anyway.

i know he got it to his publisher as soon as he possibly could and wishes it could have been sooner. Note:any discounts that are put on the book between now and the date it’s released will apply when the book is finally out. Anyone who pre-orders will get that discount. i know right now it’s at a 30 or 33% discount. Not bad.

Remember when they accused Pres Trump of being [a]tyrant, authoritarian, dictator even a Russian stooge/agent? Sometimes he was compared to Hitler. Better look closely. Maybe these people won’t get the horrible mistake they made until it bites them in the ass. I hope that doesn’t happen but it may come to that. We have to fight back every way possible and getting Mark’s book is one way. It matters. We don’t want Marxism to bite anyone. We have to start calling them what they are too;MARXISTS. Do not be intimidated or shamed into not saying it. We have to say it because it’s true. We’re not going to dress it up for them.

For now,please pre-order Mark’s book. i get no compensation for the promotion. There’s nothing in it for me at all. i’m doing it because it’s THAT important. i took my last dime and pre-ordered it because i’m convinced it’s that important. i will be doing a couple more pre-orders for people in my family in the near future. i did what i could for now.

IF you’re reluctant to purchase a pre-order from Amazon,Barnes and Noble is also offering it.

Source: American Marxism by Mark R. Levin, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

The official publishing company, Simon & Schuster, is taking pre-orders.

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