(1017) Ron Johnson demanding meeting with FBI director after security briefing leaked – YouTube

The FBI, DOJ and FISA court biased? No,Senator Johnson,biased isn’t the word. They’re totally corrupt. Time to shut down the FISA court. If that isn’t going to fly at least defund it until we can get someone who will (and can)shut it down.

This, to all the Republicans who sat silent when the left went after Pres Trump(especially with the fraudulent election), did you think it would end there? Pres Trump was the one person who stood between us and the Marxists. You thought they wouldn’t come after you? WRONG.

FBI Director Wray has always been a rat who like Rodentstein 🐀 uses the we can’t talk because it’s either a security risk or under investigation lie.Don’t buy it. Don’t fall for it. Corner the rats. Look at who’s been selected as a friend of the FISA court. Dig Deep. She’s a rat herself.

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