Evidently the Republicans are Hell Bent on Losing the Elections They Could Win

  1. the majority of Republicans didn’t have the spine to stand up for Pres Trump when he was being attacked in his first term. Some of them didn’t have the guts to call out the fraudulent election of 2020. Joe Biden did not win. Everyone knew what the deep state was up to. Many were complicit with their silence. I’m NOT saying all and i won’t say who. They know who they are & where they stand.
  2. McConnell has to go. i don’t hear too many Republicans joining our chorus.
  3. Kevin McCarthy. Don’t even get me started on this guy. I’m not willing to give him a pass no matter how nice he seems. We don’t like backstabbers. We don’t care much for talkers either. Lindsey Graham gets the prize for that one. Nothing personal. i actually like the guy. Would i vote for him? That’s another matter. He was always on Hannity saying what he was ‘going to do.’ Give it up Sen Graham. You didn’t do squid. You knew what the Deep State was doing to Pres Trump. The one time you didn’t talk or do.
  4. We have a number of people to primary and this time we have to do it. Hopeful we will get some real challengers in 2022. If you don’t see any PLEASE step up to the plate and run yourself. Murkowski and Collins may as well be Democrats. Time to show them the door.
  5. Pres Trump is our leader. If you’re one of our Reps or Senators throwing out other names-take a hike.
  6. McConnell and McCarthy replaced NOW. We’ve had enough. McConnell is the Uniparty leader. McCarthy is a back stabber and he’s not much of a fighter anyway. Jim Jordan would be fantastic. If you have someone you’d like to recommend pls leave the name in the comments.
  7. If you’re a Republican and you’re listening to pollster Frank Luntz you need your head examined. You should be listening to us. Stop looking weak. You begin by shaking up the status quo. McConnell and McCarthy have to go.