A 2021-2022 Guide for the Republican Party in Congress (GOP)

Words matter. When you’re out of touch with your constituents like some of the Republicans you can’t get them right. I decided the best way to get through to these people in the GOP would be to define the words commiserate with 2021 that will follow them into 2022. I bet most of them have no idea these words even exist.

Uniparty-the party of the swamp. They appear to be on the same side. They (Republicans and Democrats)often rub elbows,exchange smiles and occasionally have an agenda in common. They all share the goal of getting re-elected and staying in their positions as long as possible. Mitch McConnell is the leader of the uniparty.

MAGA-if you’re a Trump supporter this needs no explanation. You’re either MAGA or you’re against us. We all know the election was stolen. If you’re truly MAGA you’re not willing to go along with the status quo. Nobody in the movement is willing to roll over for anyone. If you’re not a MAGA candidate you are not going to get elected. Move on if you want. We’re not supporting you. PERIOD.

Antivax-a group of ppl who strongly oppose the Covid vaccinations.Personally i’m neutral. i do not give out medical advice. I’m not qualified. The best choice is to talk it over with your pcp & make up your own mind.

Deep State-it is not a conspiracy theory. If you can’t see it you’re not paying attention. The Deep State includes members of the Uniparty, the people who are complicit by their silence, the FBI,CIA,State Dept,media, the Democrat Marxists and Republicans (aka RINOS) who oppose Trump;they give aide and comfort to the enemy. Another word for the Deep State is swamp although that generally applies to people in Congress.The Deep State generally applies to our corrupt intel agencies and entrenched bureaucrats.It’s all swamp.

In French, a bureau is a desk, so bureaucracy means basically “government by people at desks”


Swamp-people who think DC is the be all and end all. They worry more about getting re-elected than anything. They’re usually incumbents who are pretty crafty about getting re-elected.Their whole life revolves around it & they’re in there till the day they die. JoeBama is swamp. He’s corrupt to the core. A real sleaze ball. They don’t make em any swampier.

A lot of people no longer donate to the party apparatus. We donate DIRECTLY to the candidates of our choice. The GOPe picks lousy candidates. McConnell as the leader of the GOPe or Uniparty picks more losers than anyone. The Republican party is not sharp enough to realize they need to get him removed from his position.

He and Kevin McCarthy are not leaders. They have a terrible track record of the people they choose for leaders. Boehner and Ryan are 2 of the best examples of [previous]worst leaders. As long as McConnell and McCarthy keep their positions the less likely the Republican candidates are going to win in 2022.The big question is will they wake up in DC and shake up the status quo? We said ‘drain the swamp’. We meant drain the swamp.

We want doers, not talkers. Unfortunately, Pres Trump and his MAGA supporters didn’t realize how deep and wide the swamp was. It was all revealed when the election was stolen. We learned who was with us and who was against us. We found out we had more backstabbers than we thought.

There’s an old saying,’if you want a friend in politics get a dog’. I hope Pres Trump gets it now. Sometimes the word DC is substituted for politics.

Democrat Marxists-the liberal Democrat party is gone. They’re Marxists. They took the mask off. They no longer hide who they are because they rolled over most of our institutions to the point it’s acceptable to a large group of citizens. If you’re reluctant to call them Marxists you’re not on our side.

GOPe- another term for the status quo or GOP establishment. You could also refer to them as the uniparty. They’re part of the swamp. Again,McConnell is their leader. McCarthy is working hard to join him.

Someone like Jim Jordan would make a better leader. Anyone willing to step up to the plate and challenge the GOPe has our support. Do you hear us? Does being in DC make you tone deaf?

Grahamnesty-granting illegal aliens status as citizens. Named after Lindsey Graham. Pres Trump had it right. Secure the border. Build the wall. Release back to country of origin. Enact a merit based immigration system. Shut down sanctuary cities-then IDENTIFY (get accurate numbers) & talk about what to do with illegals who are already here.

JoeBama-he’s not our President. Trump won the election. Why do you think you’re not allowed to talk about it? McConnell thinks we should move on. WRONG.Trump is our President. If we can’t right the 2020 election you can be sure we’ll be voting for Trump a 3rd time.Pence should have been brave enough to stand up for us. The country is being run by Marxists. We’re being destroyed from within. The Republicans,especially Pence,should have raised hell when they had the chance.

The only justices on the Supreme Court who had a spine were Thomas and Alito. Thomas had the courage to speak out.A good friend of mine noted that if you’re not courageous enough to stand up for the country during a crisis you shouldn’t accept the appointment.

Woke-is a term of the left.When the Democrat Marxists say anything the opposite is true. They’re asleep. They don’t even know what they will be hit by when Marxism comes home to roost. The one thing they’re really good at is verbal engineering. They project. They will accuse other people of what they are doing and they know they can get away with it most of the time.The Russia Hoax against Trump is a great example. The Republicans need to grab the narratives away from the Marxists.

Evidently the Republicans are Hell Bent on Losing the Elections They Could Win

  1. the majority of Republicans didn’t have the spine to stand up for Pres Trump when he was being attacked in his first term. Some of them didn’t have the guts to call out the fraudulent election of 2020. Joe Biden did not win. Everyone knew what the deep state was up to. Many were complicit with their silence. I’m NOT saying all and i won’t say who. They know who they are & where they stand.
  2. McConnell has to go. i don’t hear too many Republicans joining our chorus.
  3. Kevin McCarthy. Don’t even get me started on this guy. I’m not willing to give him a pass no matter how nice he seems. We don’t like backstabbers. We don’t care much for talkers either. Lindsey Graham gets the prize for that one. Nothing personal. i actually like the guy. Would i vote for him? That’s another matter. He was always on Hannity saying what he was ‘going to do.’ Give it up Sen Graham. You didn’t do squid. You knew what the Deep State was doing to Pres Trump. The one time you didn’t talk or do.
  4. We have a number of people to primary and this time we have to do it. Hopeful we will get some real challengers in 2022. If you don’t see any PLEASE step up to the plate and run yourself. Murkowski and Collins may as well be Democrats. Time to show them the door.
  5. Pres Trump is our leader. If you’re one of our Reps or Senators throwing out other names-take a hike.
  6. McConnell and McCarthy replaced NOW. We’ve had enough. McConnell is the Uniparty leader. McCarthy is a back stabber and he’s not much of a fighter anyway. Jim Jordan would be fantastic. If you have someone you’d like to recommend pls leave the name in the comments.
  7. If you’re a Republican and you’re listening to pollster Frank Luntz you need your head examined. You should be listening to us. Stop looking weak. You begin by shaking up the status quo. McConnell and McCarthy have to go.

kaiserswest | Some musings of a mom….

That photo above was taken the day my mom moved in with us, moving her from California and a senior center, into our home in Alaska. It was momentous, to say the least. Her Alzheimer’s had progressed so much so, that she could not care for herself, nor live alone. And because the situation was what it was, she was brought to live with me. It was the first time we had been under the same roof in more than 40 years. It was a rough adjustment, to be sure. Mom was so confused that she was living in my home, and not that I was living with her, in her home. That I was the homemaker and not her. That the kitchen was my domain, not hers. That I cooked the meals and cleaned the house, and did the laundry. She declined fairly rapidly and now that I look back on it, I think it was because she was so confused. So out of her element. And the arrangement grated on her. So she sunk inside herself. We had days where I could not get her into clothes. Days when she would sleep almost the entire day, and then was able to sleep the entire night. I was getting concerned. She was very angry and the situation was becoming untenable.

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No Respect for the FBI. Gone. Sleazy Joe.Don’t Care About Him Either. Pelosi and Schumer are just plain sick.

I usually spend a lot more time writing an entry.This one is blunt. i did not feel like beating around the bush.Didn’t feel the need to edit. Just disgusted & angry.

I’ve seen enough raids on our citizens by the FBI to choke a horse. It would be a moment of gratitude except that now it’s all for political purposes. Another words the FBI-the once stellar agency-is corrupt. Some years ago i even recommended to my son he join the FBI. He would have been a shoe in. i think he would have made a terrific agent. I’m not going to disclose why except to say it’s an honorable reason. Now,i wouldn’t cross the street to spit on them.i’m sorry it crossed my mind to make such a recommendation. My advice now would be to stay the hell away from them.When my son retires he can do better. It boggles my mind to even say all this.

Our Justice Dept has no idea what the word justice means.The name is a joke.Roll them all into one agency and they could rival the intelligence agencies of any 3rd world country you could name. Our State Dept can no longer be trusted by our allies. They have to know how sleazy all these people are. It’s the truth,even rats don’t like dealing with other rats.

I think of the Democrat Marxists resistance movement claiming Pres. Trump was a dictator-a tyrant-an authoritarian. He was brash and didn’t beat around the bush; but for as crass as he might have looked to some he actually loved the country and respected our Constitution. You always knew where he stood. He didn’t do things behind our backs. If he said it in private, he said it in public too. Sometimes that rubbed a few people the wrong way. Sleazy Joe talks softly, pretends he’s lunch bucket Joe and gets over on people by looking harmless but given all that he’s done he’s the dictator, the tyrant, the authoritarian they claimed Trump was though he wasn’t. They accused Trump of being a Russian agent or puppet of Putin and it was a lie all along. Doesn’t that bother the Democrats and their cohorts? It should REALLY bother the Republicans. The truth is Biden & his pitiful son Hunter are the people in bed [in Hunter’s case literally]with China and Iran; & God only know what other enemy states.

They know. Accuse the other person of what they are doing. Squirrel. Look over there.

We have our Pravda now. Journalism has no integrity anymore either. Nobody in the media has any reason to be proud of the work they do. All these people- the FBI, CIA, Justice & State Dept and the media along with the Marxist Democrats-have betrayed their country for a sleaze who will one day go down in history for all the wrong reasons.

I don’t care how brash,bold or crass they think Pres Trump is. He loves our country & its people. He worked his ass off to put America First and put up with all this sleaze to get our country on the right track.He won the election and they know it. I didn’t think i’d live to see the day when our Capitol was surrounded by fencing,wire and soldiers. It looks like Baghdad. They know he won as much as we do. They know it was a corrupt election.

You would think or at least hope there might be 1 or 2 people to stand up for the truth where it mattered most and put a stop to these UNCONSTITUTIONAL raids and political hit jobs.We don’t need a Gestapo. We need the rule of law.

You would think or at least hope there might be 1 or 2 people to speak out and stand up against the fraudulent election. The Supreme Court even looked the other way.There has to be a handful of people in our agencies who haven’t been tainted by the corruption that’s infected them. If they exist it’s time for them to stand up.

I dread the day i have to tell my own grandchildren about Sleazy Joe and what happened to a country my father-probably YOUR father-risked his own life for.