(700) Sunday Mass with Fr. Frank: See How Love Transforms Us! – YouTube

Sometimes i post a Byzantine Catholic Mass. Sometimes i post a celebration of Mass with Fr Frank Pavone of Priests for life. Today i watched Fr Pavone’s celebration of Mass instead. Some things about Fr Pavone’s celebration of Mass. He always includes a prayer for President Trump. If you know Fr Pavone well enough at all you know he is a fierce defender of the unborn and as the founder of Priests for Life has been with the pro life movement for a very long time. It’s his calling. In this Mass you will also hear him mention his upcoming surgery for mitral valve repair in May. Please include Father in your prayers. It will take him awhile to recuperate but you can be sure his fight for the unborn will continue no matter what.Father Pavone was and still is a strong supporter of Pres Trump and the MAGA movement. He believes Pres Trump was the most pro life President in history. i believe that is right. Pres Trump is also a strong defender of religious liberty. You may not think of him as the most religious president we have ever had but that doesn’t mean he didn’t strongly defend religious liberty.