(697) Neighbor says Ohio officer had ‘no choice’ but to shoot; ‘The Five’ reacts – YouTube

Juan says maybe he would do this-maybe he would do that. There’s no maybe in a situation like this.. You have seconds to decide. Maybe doesn’t work. “I guess” doesn’t cut it either.What would you do if someone came at you with a knife. Beg them to stop?

My kid was fighting? If he had a weapon and was trying to harm or even kill someone and the police arrive he would have ended up being shot. I would never be able to forgive myself.  

If the media would stop perpetuating the narrative that white cops are hunting down black people maybe black people wouldn’t feel threatened by police. It doesn’t help. The media is causing much of the problem. Police ARE being targeted because of this narrative. 

We need to have a really good discussion about the violence in movies/tv. We need to have a really good discussion about calling police pigs and saying it’s ok to kill them. Defunding and dismantling the police is self destructive and crazy as hell. Who dreamed that one up? It has to stop. All reason has gone out the window. It’s absolute lunacy and it’s always the people who have armed guards and tons of security who support it. 

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