Nolte: NBC News Caught Deceptively Editing Columbus Shooting Video and 911 Call

Far-left NBC News has once again been caught deceptively and dishonestly editing a 911 call to gin up racial tensions. Only this time, the racial arsonists took things a step further by also deceptively editing body-cam footage.The unedited audio and video of the 911 call and police shooting of a 16-year-old girl in Columbus, Ohio, makes two things clear: 1) the 911 call is from a terrified female desperate for help in a situation where someone is trying to stab someone else, and 2) the officer shot a 16-year-old black girl wielding a knife and who looked to be about a half-second away from plunging it into another young woman.Normally, I am pretty careful about announcing guilt or innocence in these situations, and while other facts might yet come out, the 911 call and the video seem to me to be the very definition of a righteous police shooting, of a police officer using deadly force to save another person’s life.In this case, a white police officer shot a young black woman to save the life of another young, black woman.Naturally, just like these fraudsters did with George Zimmerman’s 911 call eight years ago, NBC News has once again been caught maliciously and deceptively editing the Columbus 911 call and video to remove the desperate report of a stabbing and the near-stabbing just before the shooting.Here is what is believed to be the original and unedited audio and video. CONTENT WARNING: Very graphic:

Source: Nolte: NBC News Caught Deceptively Editing Columbus Shooting Video and 911 Call

Arizona’s Maricopa County Delivers Ballots, Equipment for 2020 Election Audit

and over 2 million ballots are being delivered to a coliseum in Arizona’s Maricopa County this week in preparation for a 2020 election audit set to start Friday

.Equipment, including 385 tabulators, was delivered and unloaded at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix on Wednesday. Boxes of ballots started arriving on Thursday morning.

Maricopa County officials arranged for the deliveries, which took several trips and were supported by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office personnel, to comply with subpoenas from the state Senate.

Officials tried resisting the subpoenas but were overruled by a judge in February.

Workers with four firms, including Cyber Ninjas, will conduct the audit of 2.1 million ballots starting on Friday. They’re receiving $150,000.A One America News host helped raise at least another $150,000 for the effort.

The audit will be streamed live on One America News. People can also watch the audit online.

Auditors will examine the state’s system that checks voters in at polling sites, inspect and hand-count ballots, and probe the electronic voting system.

They will produce a report detailing all their findings about 60 days later.

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Ep. 1505 I Never Thought I’d See This Happen – The Dan Bongino Show

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The radical left is now on board supporting riots, stabbings, segregation, government spying, and socialism. Also, LeBron James and “The Squad” are huge frauds. I have the evidence.

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Source: Ep. 1505 I Never Thought I’d See This Happen – The Dan Bongino Show