District of Criminality

right now i’m almost as angry with myself as i am with the people who have pulled off this coup.Why? Because i keep thinking the elections of 2022 are going to solve the problem. We’re too docile. We so believe in doing things the right way and putting our faith in our institutions when it’s our institutions that were involved in the coup. CTH told us. EVERYONE knew and that means every single Republican. We should be furious. Think about it. They spied on and targeted our own President. They ran a hoax on him for 3 yrs and tried 2 fake impeachments. The election of 2020 was nothing more than the coup they had been plotting all along. Now they’re spying on our own citizens and that could include any one of us. We all know darned well Biden didn’t win the election let alone with 80 million votes. it’s nonsense. It doesn’t even add up. All the institutions we held in such high regard for their integrity and patriotism were in on everything from beginning to end and not one person who was involved was held accountable. Treason and they’re walking around free as birds. Our own people were arrested and incarcerated for the Capitol incident and not one of them was armed. An unarmed female vet was shot and killed. Crickets. If it were the other side we know very well how this would be going. They’ve even convinced us the Capitol incident should be condemned. Really ?Yet,we watched as BLM/Antifa burnt down citiies, vandalized fed buildings, had planned to attack the WH and probably the President if they could have made it .Biden-Harris and the Dems SUPPORTED them.All this and my response is we’ll set it right with the 2022 elections? We’re too docile. After all this we should be furious . All 70 plus million of us. We know the Chinese have Biden by the cajones too. He’s a NATIONAL SECURITY risk with all the dirt they have on him and his family.Can you imagine us just letting it go and waiting for someone on a white horse to come along and set it right. I’m angry with myself for being so naive.Nobody but nobody in DC can be trusted. Can someone name one person we can count on there?

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