“Data Breach” Weaponized Against Supporters of Innocence Until Proven Guilty with Kyle Rittenhouse – The Last Refuge

We have talked about the weaponization of metadata for several years on this website.  Factually we know with certainty that political operatives within the national security apparatus illegally exploit their access to the FBI and NSA database, the totality of all electronic communication, amid Americans.The NSA has made those factual admissions to the FISA court who are supposed to be the backstop to protect the fourth amendment privacy of our nation.

The fact that no-one has ever been held legally accountable for violating the law and extracting the personal information of U.S. citizens shows how eroded the constitutional protections really are.  Not a single person has ever been arrested or convicted for exploiting their access… so why would it stop?  Short answer: it hasn’t

.As a result every time I read a story that says a “data breach’ is being weaponized for political benefit, my immediate reaction is now to dismiss the oft claimed “hackers” and focus on the most likely source of privacy weaponization: the known and intentional intrusion by government officials and contractors

It only makes sense that an ideologically aligned donation site to support patriots would be considered a high value target for exploitation by political operatives who need a system to weaponized against their enemy, wrong-thinking Americans.  

Is this “data breach” just another example of that?  The answer is most likely, yes.  If you need another frame of reference think about the admitted IRS target list of conservative donors to Tea Party groups.  Another undeniable and factual example that led the IRS to settle a class action lawsuit.

However, beyond the initial value of targeting donors there is another facet that is even more important to contemplate.  Targeting donors is actually small ball, stopping Americans from donating to groups and individuals fighting against the deep state is a bigger goal. 

  If these individuals can put fear into Americans that their financial support can lead to targeting, well, that financial support might just stop…. THAT is their bigger goal.With all of that in mind these are not just “data breaches”, these are battles within the ideological war that need to be adequately contemplated. 

Who will stand?  Who will remain in the fight?  Who will put themselves ‘out there’, remain courageous, remain strong in the face of the administrative state?

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