Why They Passed H.R.1 – For the People Act of 2019. Why Biden-Harris Should Be Removed from Office NOW.Pls tweet to @Jim_Jordan @tedcruz

We should be so lucky to have a military coup in the United States and restore our Republic to its Constitutional foundation and duly elected President Trump. All they would have to do is remove Biden-Harris, kick out his appointments and call for a free and fair election. Then let’s see who actually won in 2020.

Know why they came up with H.R. 1 aka For the People Act. Pretty simple. They cheated in 2020 and want to make it easier to cheat AGAIN. They had already implemented H.R.1 in key states during the 2020 election. They didn’t need to cheat in all 50 states.

They only needed to cheat in the critical states; enough to either give the votes to Biden or take them away from Trump or both. With the passage of H.R.1 into law they would be able to cheat in all 50 states the next time. Seriously, the only reason they-the Dems-came up with this resolution is so they could cheat AGAIN and the key word there is AGAIN.

Anyone willing to admit Biden and his cronies were corrupt enough to defraud the American people and INSTALL an illegitimate President?

I see we have some lefties infiltrating the new platforms [ie gab, parler] saying they were Trump supporters but he abandoned them and walked off. First of all, i highly doubt these people were Trump supporters. They’re more likely lefties trying to stir the pot.

There may be 1 or 2 Trump supporters jumping ship but MOST of us aren’t going anywhere. Watch your back and tell these so called former Trump supporters to pound sand. i bet they’re lefties. They would stoop to that level.

Let’s just suppose there are some Trump supporters who are now saying Trump should have ‘done something.’ Great plan there. Trump did everything he legally and constitutionally could do.

The only other option was to stoop to their level. The point is to save the Republic not destroy its foundations. If we’re not going to correct wrongs in a Constitutional framework we’re no better than they are and we defeat the purpose. The failure was the state legislators that could have stood up and stopped the fraud.

The last straw was the Supreme Court abdicating its duty. I still believe Mike Pence should have refused to certify the electors. The worst that could have happened was all hell breaking loose in Congress-big deal-and having it go to the Supreme Court. Trump did everything he could possibly do. Anyone who thinks he wasn’t giving his own election everything he had isn’t being realistic.

The one action he might have taken was to impose martial law and put down the insurrection in various cities but you can’t just declare martial law across all 50 states and put our troops in every city where violence would definitely have broken out. If you only put down the insurrection in given cities such as Portland Oregon it has no affect on stopping the fraud on election day anyway. Martial law was no remedy.

The problem was the legislator in the critical states. NONE of those votes should have counted. It should have ended up in the Supreme Court but they’re owned by the Democrats too, with the exception of Thomas and Alito.

Chuck Schumer threatened them. He did so by name. He should have been arrested but these are the Democrat Marxists. They get away with everything.

My good friend is right about the justices. If you’re selected by any President (in this case Trump)and you don’t have the guts to stand up against Schumer (or the mob)and defend the Constitution then decline the nomination right then and there.

What’s left? You can’t trust our intelligence agencies. We still have some good rank and file people but the people at the top are spreading lies & leaking to the media. None of them are held accountable.

We’ll have to make darned sure there’s no cheating and fraud come 2022 but personally i don’t think any of this is set right until 2020 is set right. I still believe Biden-Harris and all the COUP plotters should be rounded up and arrested. I still believe we need to hold a 2nd election and insure it’s free and fair with the laws in place as they should have been the first time. Short of that we need to start making real demands of the Republican party.

  1. NO MORE SECRET BALLOTS. The Democrat Marxists do that. The people we put in office represent us. They have no business doing anything behind our backs. You vote for something you put your name on it where we can see it.
  2. McConnell MUST step down and someone with a backbone should challenge him. He’s got to go. We don’t need backstabbers.
  3. Primary Romney,Murkowski and Collins. They want to play ball with the Marxists they don’t need our vote. Let’s not forget Liz Cheney either.*
  4. Boycott,boycott,boycott. Tank any business that’s on the side of the Marxists. Pick ONE and make an example of them.
  5. call the Democrats what they are. Marxists. They’ve been taken over by commies and Marxist ideology. Demand our representatives and senators stand up to them. Forget bipartisanship and compromise. It’s nonsense. They’re looking for capitulation and photo ops. Why are the Republicans letting themselves be played liked that. Look what they did to the person we elected-Donald Trump-they refused to confirm his nominations, they spied on him, they tried to impeach him twice, they had riots in the streets and called it the Resistance, they leaked false information from our intel agencies to their PARTNERS in the media and that’s just for starters. ANYONE who plays nice with these people is nuts and doesn’t deserve our support. I do wish our military would remove the illegitimate President and his cohorts but we can’t spend the next 2-4 yrs dreaming. It’s not that Biden isn’t ‘my’ President. The truth is he was never elected President,PERIOD.
  6. Jan 6 at the Capitol Building was not an insurrection. BLM/ANTIFA are part of an insurrection. Demand the people being held are treated fairly. Make sure their charges are TRANSPARENT and they’re given due process. Why hasn’t there been an investigation into the shooting/killing of the unarmed protestor Ashli Babbitt? Why isn’t this man being held accountable? We should be raising hell over their treatment especially when BLM/ANTIFA were supported by Biden-Harris and treated with kid gloves. Why aren’t they any reports in the media? Who’s investigating? Anyone?

*Mark Levin-the great one-reminded me of Rino #4 on his parler account

let’s get a decent challenger to Liz Cheney and send her home!

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