The Left is trying to defend CNN. They gaslight & lie to their own audience-insult their intelligence-and the left thinks it’s great? #CNNExposed

One good thing about being banned on Twitter is that you can read the trending topics and not get involved there. #CNNExposed is actually trending. The liberal tweets in response are the interesting ones.

Most are saying Fox does the same thing so it’s no big deal. Quite a few are saying they’re ok with it because they were simpatico with CNN’s efforts to get rid of Trump. I can remember when the left thought election interference was a terrible thing-when they bought the lie about Trump colluding with Russia for instance. You can conclude 2 things: they didn’t like what they believed was interference FOR Trump,but they’re ok with it otherwise.

If they didn’t know CNN was running propaganda against Trump they certainly know now and think it was justified. I don’t know about you but i would be incredibly offended that a network i supported was gaslighting and lying to me.Would you trust them for news?

i’m cautiously optimistic that there are Democrats who would never support any network doing what CNN admitted to. I have to consider maybe these responses are only representative of the leftist activists on Twitter. Twitter has a ton of users, that’s true, but not everyone is on Twitter either and that’s also true.

BTW,i don’t care about Fox News in case anyone wants to bring it up.Every time i knock the media, someone on the left has to make an accusation that i’m a Fox sycophant. We dropped cable tv at least a year ago. We cut the cord; partly to save money. We use an air antenna. The channels are free.You can’t beat the price.

On the upside, Trump won in spite of CNN.