Trump Wants Swalwell Removed from House Intelligence Committee for False Report – Conservative Journal Review


This week, a report surfaced from CNN that Rep. Gaetz (R-FL) had requested and been denied a meeting with Donald Trump.  As soon as the report surfaced, both Trump and Gaetz push back on the report as fake news.  Now, Trump has Rep. Swalwell (D-CA) on his radar and is demanding he be removed from the House Intelligence Committee for having been compromised by an alleged Chinese operative.  

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What’s This? The Republicans Want to Lose in 2022 (An Open Letter to Jim Jordan)updated version

Mr. Jordan,

we need to talk turkey here about the feckless Republican party in Congress. Biden has caused an untenable crisis on our southern border. His administration [with the aide of their party and the media] is giving these illegal aliens priority over our own citizens. They’re also talking about packing the courts-which they may or may not do-and removing the filibuster which they WILL do. On top of all this they are spending us into oblivion, rubbing elbows with China, bending over for the regime in Tehran and trying to destroy election integrity here at home. Basically, Biden is turning our country into an unrecognizable Marxist country. While this nasty old man is destroying our republic what are the Republicans doing? They’re up at the White House trying to work with his administration in shaping a compromise on the so called infrastructure bill, when they should be telling him to pound sand.

We have a back stabbing leader like Mitch McConnell and a nice guy(pushover) we hardly hear from in Kevin McCarthy.

Evidently the Republican party has no desire to win any races in 2022. You know as well as I do that Trump won the 2020 election. Look what they did to that election. The Republican legislators could have pushed back and insisted they follow the Constitution. Some of them are doing it now. Better late than never. It will help in 2022, thank God. It’s unfortunate though that they ended up installing the poser[corrupt and inept] Biden and now the Republicans are kissing the ring. You see, nice guys like Pence & what he failed to do on Jan 6 ,don’t have the courage to stand up and do the right thing when needed. They’d rather not make waves. The Democrats have no such fear. They do whatever it takes even if it’s unconstitutional, illegal or at the least unethical. The Republicans don’t have to take that path but they surely need to grow a spine and stand up to this nonsense. You don’t fight back once in awhile; you’re going to have to fight back and make some noise every single day.

There is a route to win big in 2022. Permit me to lay it out here.

Remember Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America? You know why that worked. It made a commitment to the American people and then they did what they said they would do. It was along the lines of Trump’s Promises Made,Promises Kept. The Republicans need to start the #dowhatwesay campaign. YOUR words and every Republican needs to adopt them.

McConnell has got to go! Period. End of story. We’re done with the backstabbers and he’s one of the worst. McCarthy is on thin ice with us.He’s a nice guy, but he’s too nice. We had one of those in Pence. McCarthy we could get by with if we have to but McConnell is going to cost us big time. He has to step down or somebody better challenge him and get him out as a leader. He’s no leader. We don’t accept him. We count. You people work for us.

Point out every Biden failure. No compromise. NONE. He invites you to the White House-DECLINE.

Support Trump every chance you get. Be bold, brave and brash. While Biden treats the American people like second class citizens it’s time for the Republicans to stand up for the man we elected President-Trump-and for us. Pelosi is out there blaming Trump for the border crisis. Did i hear the Republicans call her out? Crickets Mr. Jordan. What Biden is doing is unconstitutional. We have immigration LAWS. They’re not suggestions. What about that oath to protect and defend our Constitution? When did that disappear? Call Pelosi out every time she lies. i’d call every single one of them out every time they lie.

Contrast Mr. Jordan. This is what the left is doing and this is what we stand for. They’re Marxists. We’re not. Echo the words of President Trump. America will never be a socialist country.

It’s not just a fight to save your seats anymore. This is a battle to save the Republic. We have to win in 2022. We’re hopeful that Trump will run in 2024 and given the office that he earned in 2020. I’ll proudly cast my 3rd vote for him. Biden is a disaster on so many levels i could write several blog entries spelling that one out and he hasn’t even finished his first fake term.Trump was a success and had the Republicans backed him a little more he might have had some of the executive orders passed as legislation instead. After everything he was put through i’m amazed he got anything accomplished at all. The one mistake he made was putting too much trust in people he should have been skeptical of. You can’t work with the swamp creatures and hope they will come around. They don’t. They want to win and they’re tenacious. They will totally destroy you if that’s what it takes.

I hope you will consider the plan i’ve tried to outline here. I believe that it speaks for the folks, after listening to many of their concerns. The main point is to DO what you say you will do and not sink in the swamp.Stay away from Biden. He’s a failure. It’s no time for compromise or bipartisanship. I hope you can get this through to your Republican colleagues. You’re one of the few warriors we have. Sorry to say, i could count them on one hand.

Update on WH meeting

🔥Republicans ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ After Biden-Led Bipartisan Meeting on Infrastructure 😠😠😠 HELL NO‼️

Epoch Times Headline

IF you think the headline is infuriating, wait till you read the article. How’s your blood pressure?