@SpeakerPelosi blaming Pres Trump for Biden’s Border Crisis is Laughable

People know better. It’s possible even a hard core leftist knows better. For the sake of the few though let’s spell it out.

Media: if we bury a story will it go away or do we get out ahead of the story so we can spin our own narrative?

Media: if we censor a story that means it never really happened. if we gaslight the public, then it did.

Media: retraction? 😕 do we have to?

Media: integrity, honesty, real journalism be damned. we have an agenda to support. I have a question. In a country that will not imprison or kill you for reporting the truth how do you look at yourselves in the mirror?

Everyone knows that immigration was Trump’s signature policy in his first term. When he ran for President-in fact during his announcement-he was very clear where he stood on immigration. If anyone knows what his policy is, it would be the Democrats. They and their media had a fit because he was going to enforce immigration laws and he wasn’t going to let illegal aliens invade our country. He was even going to build a wall to keep them out and the left was doing everything they could to stop it. The cages they pinned on Trump were actually built under the Obama/Biden administration. i think the original false narrative was finally debunked. i’m not sure how many people know the cages were Obama/Biden’s doing but more ppl know the real story now than they did back then. The Democrats and the DNC propaganda machine(cable news for instance)knew very well Trump did not have them built. They were already there.

The bottom line for Pelosi’s statement is that it’s flat out ludicrous and a lie.It’s also possible she’s really convinced herself that her statement is the gospel truth but i’m more inclined to think it’s her usual tactic when it comes to Trump.

Unfortunately for her, nobody is THAT stupid and most people have a decent memory.Besides,there is plenty in print and on video that shows exactly what the Democrats were doing to Trump at the time.

Biden won’t acknowledge there is a crisis and the media isn’t going to question him.These illegal immigrants are the new Democrat voters. They won’t need the dead ones so much once these aliens are granted amnesty and handed citizenship on a silver platter.

Our country is in trouble folks. Wait till a terrorist who doesn’t have to identify comes across the border and we have an attack. Let me guess…blame Trump.