Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance: How Eisenhower Assured The Horrors Would Never Be Forgotten – The Lid

April 7 at sunset through the next day at sundown is a very solemn day on the Jewish calendar, Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Its full name is  Yom HaZikaron laShoah ve-laG’vurah יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה; which in English translates to “Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day.” The day is more commonly known as Yom HaShoah (יום השואה), a worldwide day of remembrance for the approximately six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust as a result of the actions carried out by Nazi Germany and its allies, we also remember the Jewish resistance in that period.As we remember the Shoah, we should know that if it wasn’t for General Eisenhower much of the video and picture proof of the Holocaust would not be available today. He wanted to make sure that people in the future couldn’t deny or forget the horrors committed by the Nazis.The Holocaust is unique in its volume and horrors and is a singular event in world history. Yes, there are genocides of other groups, and other horrors, even other atrocities made to the Jewish people.   But generally, the genocide is waged to suppress a group, to take their territory, for political reasons, or some economic reason like to enslave a people.  This was different– the Jews targeted by Hitler and the Nazis had no land and held relatively little power.  During the Holocaust, Jews were taken from all over Europe just to be killed. And while that was being done,  supposedly civilized leaders like Franklyn Roosevelt sentenced hundreds of thousands of Jews to death because he didn’t want more Jews in the U.S.In Israel, Yom HaShoah is a national memorial day. It was inaugurated in 1953, anchored by a law signed by the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, and the Israeli President at the time, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi. It is generally held on the 27th of the Hebrew month of Nisan (generally sometime in April/early May, unless the 27th would be adjacent to Sabbath, in which case the date is shifted by a day which is the case this year.

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