(200) Why is the mainstream media asking Hunter Biden about his laptop NOW?! – YouTube

They [the left which includes the media]were so “invested in removing Donald Trump with any means necessary

Exactly. It was a coup from beginning to end & we watched it succeed.

Yes, having an addicted family member is difficult and troubling but let’s not make excuses for the big guy Joe Biden. He enabled his own son and made it easy for him.I don’t have a lick of sympathy for Joe. They were selling out the office of Vice President; in some instances to our sworn enemies. i could feel sorry for any family with a drug addicted member but not the corrupt Biden family.These people are sleazy.

Why is the media coming out with it now? For the same reasons they mentioned Hillary and gave her scandal some coverage. They had to get out ahead of the story to make sure they could save her and they did. Was she ever charged for any criminal activity? Nope-in fact she had the nerve to run for President. IMHO the scandal was not the main reason she lost to Trump. There were plenty of other reasons of which the email scandal was probably just one of them.

This means something is up if they’re trying to get out ahead of the Hunter laptop story. I would definitely keep an eye on them.

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