The Cop Has Become the Criminal;the Criminal is the Hero (yes,the Marxists have turned your world upside down)

It all began the day President Obama opined that the Cambridge police “acted stupidly”. The attack on police continued with the Michael Brown narrative that he had his hands up in the air and was shot in cold blood by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri. The media pushed the story and very few people believed otherwise. “Hands up,Don’t shoot” became a slogan,used in particular by Black Lives Matter(BLM).

Use Qwant search engine* and type in the search police officers shot in patrol car. Amazing the stories that will come up. Barely heard about them. Of course we all know every LEO out on patrol takes that risk but you wouldn’t know it to listen the Democrat party and their partners in the media.

The attack on police was only beginning. Look to Portland Oregon and the riots of 2020 & the escalation against police officers is obvious. The media and their partners in the Democrat party are gaslighting the public with their story that white police officers are hunting down and killing black people. Unfortunately a rare bad apple does take unwarranted action for a host of reasons including racism.They try to use these incidents-rare as they are-for their benefit. As it is a police officer is under great stress . He/she goes to work each day with the possibility they may not return to their own families. They have seconds to make life and death decisions. It’s part of the territory. They know the job description and they take it because they want to serve the public and protect their communities.

So you see what is going on here. The police are under duress given the circumstances were now living in. Black people are under duress for fear they will be hunted down by police. It’s no wonder cops are even more aware of the real threat they face. It’s no wonder some black people react the way they do to police. It’s an untenable situation the media and Democrats have created. You can’t tell me it’s not deliberate. Is there a way to break out of this cycle the Marxists created? Worse these fools are calling for the defunding of the police. (((SMH))).Yes, i feel badly about these terrible events but it’s the cop i consider a hero. He’s there to protect the public. It’s not why a criminal is there. I also believe most Americans-black,white,hispanic and asain- oppose defunding the police.

I actually watched a rerun of an old cop show last night-The District-where the assailant came within maybe 2 feet [if that]of the officer with a metal pipe. The officer waited to react and just as she was going to be assaulted she shot the perp in the leg. It’s exactly how the Dems and media think it works in real life. This ‘aint’ a tv show Joe. Could we ever use our law and order President Trump back in office.

*i use Qwant with the Brave Web browser. Good results so far.

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