The U.S. Economy was Taking Off Like A Rocket. It Was An Election Year. The Wuhan Virus Accidentally Escaped

Imagine you do this too from time to time; revisit the 2020 election knowing Biden stole it and frustrated there’s nothing you can do to change it. i was thinking about that past year a few nights ago when i had a flash of a thought.

One of those thoughts where you go WHOAH what was that??????????????

It can’t be possible because it’s so diabolical even they-meaning the swamp- wouldn’t consider it.

Twenty twenty [2020]was a great year. The Trump economy was starting to take off like slow burning rocket fuel and economic stats were reaching record highs.

He was reaching out to minority communities and making some headway. The Wall was being built and coming along very well. The Russia Hoax and impeachment were behind us. We were energy independent(FINALLY) and gas prices were low. There was a peace agreement reached in the Middle East-no small feat. Presidents have been trying to get the parties to agree to negotiate a peace deal for years.Trump did it.

How could Trump NOT win with such a fantastic record?

  1. FRAUD [rigged election]

Who was in bed with China for money? Joe & Hunter Biden. Who was in bed with a Chinese spy? Eric Swalell. The swamp is deep and murky. i doubt they’re the only ones playing chummy with the CCP regime.

Let’s not forget Chuck Schumer’s public threat against the justices on the Supreme Court saying if they didn’t vote a certain way they would feel the whirlwind. Ol Chucky boy wanted to keep the Supreme Court in line.

Trump was out doing rallies heading for what looked like a landslide victory. On the other side of the world China was doing what China always does. Plot and plan for world domination.

So the economy was on fire and Trump looked like he was headed towards re-election. What happens? Covid 19. First the rumor about some infected bat at the Wuhan wet market gets around then we’re told the virus ‘escaped’ from a nearby lab. Impeccable timing.

Look, i know the moon landing was real, Obama was born in Hawaii, terrorists flew jets into the twin towers, Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman, Hitler died with Eva in a bunker in Germany. Double suicide. Some people won’t like it but i’m convinced Q anon is a fairly sophisticated psyop taking advantage of good people; i was concerned and never got involved.

The point is i can’t handle conspiracy theories. They drive me up a wall. My analysis of any situation is always based on Occam’s Razor. So i’m going to ask-anyone else find the timing of the virus* release suspect? That’s the WHOAH moment i mentioned earlier.

You can’t trust the CCP regime. You can’t trust the Democrat party. You can hardly trust our intel agencies anymore. You definitely can’t trust the Deep State. You can’t even trust our Supreme Court anymore w/ the exception of Thomas and Alito.This is the one time i have to ask, what if? I hate to be that cynical but given everything we’ve witnessed there’s no reason not to be.

Biden vanishes while the Democrat party is busy rigging the election for him.

Coup in progress.

*we have to stop playing around with these biological weapons. PERIOD.