They said they are looking into criminal charges against President Trump


Michael Sherwin, the former interim U. S. attorney for the District of Columbia, revealed Sunday that federal investigators are considering sedition charges against some individuals for their roles in the deadly U.S. Capitol violence on Jan. 6.Surprisingly, Sherwin also admitted that investigators are considering what, if any, criminal liability there may be for former President Donald Trump.

Speaking on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Sherwin said evidence is directing investigators to consider sedition charges against some of the rioters. “I will tell you this. I personally believe the evidence is trending toward [sedition charges],” Sherwin admitted. “I believe the facts do support those charges. And I think that, as we go forward, more facts will support that.”

Sherwin, however, did not elaborate further, but earlier in the interview, he suggested the government is most aggressively pursing militia groups that participated in the riot. Sherwin said prosecutors are trying to determine if the militia groups had a premeditated plan to breach the Capitol and stop the counting of the Electoral College vote.

In total, Sherwin said 400 people have been charged so far, and more people will be charged in the coming months.

Sherwin revealed that investigators are determining what role Trump played in the violence.“We have people looking at everything, correct. Everything’s being looked at,

Source: They said they are looking into criminal charges against President Trump

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