PROVE ME WRONG. 1. Trump won the 2020 election 2. The U.S. media lies to the American people. It’s state run propaganda

I’ll keep this entry simple. The election was stolen right before our eyes by rigging it in a small number of critical states then Biden was installed. The military and barricades in DC are up because they fear what they think the American people might do in response; exactly what they would do if they pulled off a coup. DC looks like Baghdad.

Any talk about a stolen election or just questioning the results can get you censored or banned on social media. They even went so far as to take Parler totally offline. President Trump is the only former President to be removed from Twitter. If you’re a liberal, Democrat or never Trumper and all of that doesn’t make you suspicious you don’t have a brain cell to speak of. Or you don’t care.

i was kicked off Twitter and Facebook both. If you would read some of my earlier tweets i was raising red flags about Joe Biden early on in his campaign during the general election.

He was suffering from some kind of mental decline and i started mentioning dementia. It was apparent or at least fairly apparent something was wrong even if you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.My first thought was dementia. The media was always willing to come up with some kind of excuse. Their job was to cover for him.

To be honest i never noticed it until the general election;i wasn’t following the Democrat primary very closely. It seemed like they were all weak candidates and it was difficult to tell who was going to end up being their front runner. The Democrats rigged their own primary in the 2016 election blocking out Sanders for Hillary.

i figured their primary and what they did with it was their business. There were so many candidates it was hard to follow any one candidate let alone Joe. It seemed like every month or so they had their star candidate only to have the star plummet to the bottom shortly after.

I learned it was best to see who the media was backing. When the media backs a candidate that’s who the nominee is going to be. i would never have guessed Biden.

When he got their nomination THEN i perked up and followed his campaign. This is the guy who got more votes than Obama.You believe that? No matter what you may think of Obama he was very popular. He beat Hillary Clinton & 2 Republican candidates. He carried the black vote.

From the Washington Post a snapshot|:

when America elected Barack Obama as its first black president, turnout among African American voters jumped a staggering 21 percentage points — from 48.1 percent to 69.1 percent.

By 2004, turnout among blacks had already topped 60 percent, but Obama’s candidacy forced a rewrite of the record books. Black turnout exceeded white turnout — 69.1 percent to 65.2 percent — for the first time in history. 


Of course the media supported Obama & that didn’t hurt. They worshipped the ground he walked on. It wasn’t the only reason he won though. Obama ran a great campaign. He had the enthusiasm factor AND the black vote. Dare I say, the Republicans ran 2 lousy candidates with just as lousy campaigns. They barely had a chance.

The point i’m trying to make here is related to the topic.They’re telling us Biden got more votes than Obama. i’m going to say no way on earth.|I watched the Biden campaign. What campaign? His staff had a lid on it more often than not. He barely left Delaware. In fact,he barely left his residence. Every time they let him speak impromptu it was a disaster. He wasn’t making gaffes. He clearly had something wrong with him.

A lay person could see he was in the early stages of dementia. The media has been covering up for him all along. They’ll lie if they have to.His family is keeping it under wraps; trying to. How long do these people think they are going to keep it secret. Newsflash: EVERYONE KNOWS. The truth here is the media,the Democrat party,his family knew all along and they let this be foisted on the American people,the country and of course Joe Biden himself.

They-the media-LIE. They lie all the time. They lied about the Russia Hoax,they lied about the impeachment, they covered up for Biden. They’ve lied right into the camera one story after another. Why would it be any different now?

If you’re a lib and you’re not furious that they rigged an election you should be furious they let a man run who was incapable of holding office. They lied to you as much as they did the rest of us. They’ve put the whole country at risk.

You cannot tell me Biden got more votes than Obama and with his lack of the enthusiasm factor, that Donald Trump had in spades, that he beat Trump. |If Biden were winning why did they have to cheat? They didn’t violate the Constitution and change the election rules for no apparent reason.

They did it so they could figure out what votes would be needed to swing it for Biden either by adding to Biden’s or subtracting from Trump’s or both and they did it in the last few critical states where 1. they could get away with it. 2. it would matter to the total of electoral votes.

Trump won in a landslide. They knew he was winning. They were ready for that. They just didn’t anticipate the size of the landslide. Why do you think they were trying for an impeachment after he left office?

Now why do you think the Democrats are trying to pass HR1 the so called “For the People Act”. If it worked once, then try it again.

Finally, why do you think the courts didn’t want to see the evidence showing the election was rigged and you’re not ‘allowed’ to talk about the election being stolen. If it’s misinformation you don’t have to black it out,just prove it wrong.What are they afraid of? i can tell you exactly what they’re afraid of. People finding out.

We all watched them shut down the counting and come up with what Joe needed. We all saw the lack of enthusiasm for Biden on the campaign trail and the MASSIVE crowds and enthusiasm for Trump. We all knew the Democrats were up to no good [in some states] the day of the election.

There were people like Glenn Beck who knew something was up too before Nov 3rd. The legislatures were too slow or too lax to do anything; or frankly they didn’t know what to do. In the case of the Georgia officials who were Republican we know there were some shady dealings.

Know what this is called folks? A coup. It’s when a group of corrupt people take out a legitimately elected official and INSTALL an illegitimate regime. I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, Independent, liberal, conservative or not interested in politics at all, you should be furious and demand the rightful winner be restored.

Anyone with a lick of integrity and gratitude for our republic would make such a demand. Anyone who is willing to accept corruption of this magnitude will get the kind of government they deserve.

Whether you accept it just to get along and not make waves or accept it because your guy got installed you will regret the day you decided you could live with a corrupt government. Wait till they remove Biden with the 25th amendment and install the next person of their choosing. The Democrats knew, the media has known all along, the Biden’s know and we all know now-Biden is not fit for the office of President.

They think they’re keeping it hidden but there comes a point where it’s so obvious you can’t hide it anymore. The story now is the wind caused him to fall. How stupid do you have to be to buy that one. Other people cover for Joe saying, ‘but Trump walked slowly down a ramp’. He had just finished giving an address, then shaking the hands of some 2,000 Navy graduates and went down a slippery ramp with no rails. BIG difference. Enough of this crap.

The media is propaganda. They were willing conspirators. They’re getting rich feeding lies to the American public. We have witnessed a COUP in the United States of America.