Joe Biden Was Not Elected. The Democrats Pulled It Off

for those that think it’s nonsense and that Biden actually won the election consider that the Democrats would have done anything-whether it was legal or not-to keep Trump out of office. They did plenty that was illegal first to keep him from getting elected in 2016,then to try to get him out of office after he was elected. What makes anyone think they wouldn’t have broken the law and rigged an election to keep him from being re-elected. They even tried to impeach him a 2nd time AFTER he was already out of office to keep him from running again.

You’re darned right the Dems and some never Trumpers would have rigged an election and fraudulently installed a man they knew had dementia just to keep Trump out of office. They committed felonies and violated the Constitution even so far as to spy on American citizens-one of them being the President-and lied for 3 straight years to get him out of office.

You really don’t think after attempting a coup they wouldn’t rig the election and steal it? They looked right into the cameras every night for 3 yrs saying Donald Trump was an agent of Russia knowing very well it was a lie. They used the FBI and DOJ to drum up the Russia hoax. They even framed an innocent veteran and would have thrown him in prison for most of this life just to take down Donald Trump.

It begs the question ;what wouldn’t they do? If you can’t see it then you don’t want to see it. If you’re a liberal and accept this then you deserve what’s coming. Another words you really don’t care if we ever have free and fair elections again and all the Republicans can hope to do is cheat better than the Democrats in 2022 and 24.

It wasn’t an election in 2020. It was a coup. Shame on any Democrat or never Trumper willing to go along. Shame on you people for accepting this coup. Whether you hated Trump or not you should be outraged and demand an investigation. You should want it to be set right just as much as we do.

IF it’s proven Biden legitimately won all well and good.

What really gives it away is that we’re not allowed to talk about it. You can get banned for even mentioning the stolen election or as much as questioning the results. Look at the Capitol in DC. It looks like Baghdad. Did you ever think you’d live to see the day? Yet all summer long in 2020 the resistance was burning cities down. To this day Antifa is attacking federal buildings and law enforcement. Think about that. There’s something wrong with this picture.