How Dare I? Easy Breezy

What is the one topic you cannot talk about? The coup of 2020. Want to get banned on a social media platform? Mention it; even just to question the legitimacy of Biden’s election. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, had disclaimers plastered over his every tweet re the election and eventually he was banned. He was banned from every major social media platform both as President and ‘former’ President. Think about that. Know why? It wasn’t due to misinformation. It’s because they had to break off all communication between him and his supporters. I was banned from Twitter and Facebook both. No great loss. There are good platforms getting established.

I’ve got news for these tyrants-they may have cut off communication between us and our President but they can’t cut off communication between all the MAGA supporters. We still support our President and we will continue to talk to each other and share information. Your cutting us from Trump is not going to stop our support of him. They’re hoping it will wane over time. True, that could happen but we’re determined not to let it happen. Have we accepted the election results? We live with it. Do we accept it? Nope. We should accept a coup in the United States of America? We should drop our support of the legitimate winner of the Presidential election in 2020?

I’m more convinced now that Trump won in a landslide-that there’s no way on earth Joe Biden got more votes than Obama-and the Democrats with outside help rigged the 2020 election. We all watched it happen right before our eyes. Maybe it’s just so obvious to some that they don’t want to believe it. Others would rather move along anyway because they buy the story there actually was fraud but not enough to change the results. BULL…💩

It’s usually the case, but not this time.We can focus on their violation of the Constitution and election laws. Yes,that’s true but they would have to do that for a reason. It’s one thing to look at the violations but you also have to look at the purpose of it, their motive and the end results.

These are the same people who were willing to perpetuate a lie on the American people with the Russia Hoax, call up a phony special counsel that KNEW it was a lie, lie to the FISA court, spy on American citizens then set them up and leak classified information to the media. Next, try to impeach a President with no due process and no crime other than winning the election. Followed by the effort to try it a 2nd time after he left office. I’ve said it over and over again that it begs the question,what WOULDN’T they do to stop Trump? Let’s not forget they were going to try to take him out with the 25th amendment too.

Want real proof this was a coup? All you have to do is look at HR1 or the For the People Act and their determination to turn future elections into 2020 again. Know why? It worked. If it wasn’t a coup in 2020 then HR1 is nothing to worry about.

You know why the Republicans are worried about it now. They know if this bill passes they won’t be able to win an election ever again because it will be rigged like it was in 2020. They won’t put it that way,but that’s exactly what future elections would be. The election of 2020 where Trump actually won the election but they installed Biden anyway. Frustrating. i know i dream up a 1k scenarios a day on how the wrong could be set right; how we could get our LEGITIMATE Pres and country back. No, Pelosi, Schumer and Biden there is not going to be an insurrection. You can call off the troops and take down the barricades. Is there some reason you have that much fear? I bet it’s because you know the truth.

Sure i’d give anything if all 70 some million of us could get Biden out. i wish everyone would wake up one day, figure it out and join us. i even imagine our military deciding enough and removing him for the good of the country. I know at some point it will become a bridge too far even for the liberals and they’ll figure it out. I DO NOT advocate violence. It would not come to a good end. We’ve had our fill of it with Antifa/ BLM and their insurrection. I can’t say as there aren’t days i’m so angry about what they did to this country, to Trump and his supporters it hasn’t crossed my mind at all but an angry thought and violent action are 2 different things.

Violence IS unacceptable. I could never accept inflicting pain & suffering on another human being. Empathy separates us from the violent sociopath. Law and order matters a lot. Justice will eventually prevail. Truth finds a way. i do however support non violent civil disobedience 100%. We have the numbers to be effective. All we need is the will.

Now if you happen to be a liberal reading this, i challenge you to prove Biden actually won back in Nov of 2020. i even challenge you to justify the passage of HR1 and how it would give us ‘free and fair’ elections; further, do it without using the word racism even once. You can’t fall back on that as an argument because you don’t have anything else. See what you can come up with that’s convincing. You can call me a racist if you like(that’s different). Personally, i don’t give a flip what you call me. Not going to play that game. Yes, i am going to bring up the coup till the cows come home.