Mark Levin Audio Rewind 3.16.21 #MarxistAgenda #filibuster #Fascists You Conservatives Better Get Rowdy & STAND UP Against These People-They’re Marxists. PERIOD.

By Conservatives i’m referring to our Representatives in Congress. (We have to be clear these days). I’m not calling on them to incite violence either. When i use the term ‘get rowdy’ it means to speak up and push back. Learn from Trump. Take it to the people. Speak to them. Communicate. Mark Levin does it every day and he doesn’t mince words or play nice. Sorry, that’s not going to work with these people. They’re Marxists, fascists, lemmings and they’ll do whatever it takes to get what they want. They’ll call you racist. So what? As long as you get along with your neighbors, don’t wish ill on anyone, respect other people regardless of race who cares what they say? Remind them of the historically racist Democrat party THEN tell them to pound sand.

Yep, they’re lemmings. They’re even willing to go over a cliff together for the party. When do any of them ever break rank? RARE.

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