I’m Calling the Fake POTUS in the WH Today. Biden,Pelosi & Schumer Need An Earful.Remove DC Military NOW

Word:: There was no insurrection on Jan 6,2021. Not one single person involved in the Capitol Bldg break in had a weapon. There were THOUSANDS of people attending the rally. It was like any of the other Trump rally’s-probably 100-where his supporters held a peaceful assembly. In some instances these people were brutally attacked just for attending a MAGA rally. There were Democrat held cities where they had to call off a scheduled rally due to threats of violence against the Trump supporters. I remember when they had to re route Trump’s entrance with Secret Service just to avoid his being attacked at one of his own rally’s. I have plenty of pictures and video if you need proof.

So much for the right to a peaceful assembly. We watched a real insurrection all summer long in 2020 with Antifa and BLM while Trump was in the White House. i remember Biden, Harris, Schumer ,Pelosi, the media and other Dems supporting it. The whole idea was to resist and get Trump out of office. They were burning down cities, vandalizing federal property, attacking police and innocent bystanders/ They tried to attack the White House while Pres Trump was inside. There’s the insurrection. Pres Trump should have called in the military. He didn’t.

There was no insurrection on Jan 6,2021. If we wanted an insurrection you would certainly know it was taking place. There’s at least 74 million of us-probably more-and if we wanted an insurrection it wouldn’t have looked anything like the limited incident that took place at the Capitol Building.

Newsflash: we’re law abiding citizens who believe in the rule of law. Trump’s platform was based on law and order. We support our police. We support our military. We love our country. We think the world of our Constitution. We just work hard, pay our taxes, try to get along in this world. We want to know why our capitol now looks like Baghdad. There isn’t going to be an insurrection. Nobody is calling for an attack in DC. Sure you get a few kooks here and there but that’s always been the case .I’ve been around quite awhile and i didn’t think i’d live to see the day there was a military presence in our capitol with barbed wire and fence guarding it from its own people. Somebody’s paranoid over an imaginary future insurrection by our own citizens. I can understand why the events that day we’re frightening to the people inside but let’s not blow it out of proportion either. Their over reacting is an understatement.

Biden, Pelosi and Schumer – it’s time to send our military where it’s REALLY needed. Our border is in crisis. There’s a major invasion by illegals pouring into our country. It’s YOUR responsibility to secure that border and protect us. We won’t be having an insurrection but keep it up and we will be voting every single one of you out of office.

This is the message i’m leaving for Biden; or more likely his handlers since he’s really just their front guy. I’m trying to be nice here. When i call i intend to get the point across.

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