Donald John Trump is the legitimate President of the United States. Mumbles Needs Removed

You know it. I know it. THEY-the coup plotters know it. God only knows what mumbles(heretofore, meaning Biden)knows, if anything. Seriously-i doubt he has a clue what’s going on.

Our Supreme Court is made up of 3 groups at this point; one is liberal and are just as guilty as the coup plotters, the other group was supposedly conservative but most of those people turned out to be cowards. Trump and his base had the spine to stand up for them when we were attacked relentlessly for doing so. They couldn’t do it for us. Finally, there is the 3rd group and they had the courage to do what all the justices are supposed to do; stand up for the Constitution of the United States. We all know the people of courage were Thomas and Alito and evidently Gorsuch finally woke up.

Love or hate Trump you know damned well he won the election and they installed mumbles in violation of our Constitution. If you don’t think so then you’re a special kind of stupid and there’s just no hope for you at all. Forget our media. They’re propagandists. No integrity left. Sharyl Attkisson knows what they do to real journalists like herself. She was spied on. Trump was spied on. Nothing but spies and propagandists in our institutions. You can’t even SPEAK THE TRUTH and say Trump won the election and it was stolen, robbed, illegitimately taken away and should be set right now. You do you’re censored, banned, and risk being doxxed, blacklisted, lose your business. Yet for nearly all of Trump’s first term we were fed the lie of the Russia Hoax. Anyone held accountable? Nope. The media do a mea culpa? Hell no. They fed the public more lies.

They’re calling the Jan 6 Capitol Break In an insurrection. BULL ****. Antifa and BLM were doing that all through 2020 to get Trump out of office. They were supported by the Democrat party, Biden and Harris. Materially and morally. They were useful idiots but useful nonetheless. What happened on Jan 6 were some ticked off patriots who broke the law but what the hell people. Biden got in the White House by people breaking the law. The DOJ and FBI were breaking the law. Anitfa and BLM were breaking all kinds of laws with support from Biden, Harris,the Democrats and their propagandists in the media looking the other way.

If anyone would be justified in an insurrection it would be the millions who got robbed of a free and fair election and their President, who won re-election in a historic landslide, they were robbed of too. If we weren’t law abiding people they would get to see an actual real insurrection, not the break in they saw in January. The real thing. They deserve our insurrection, but we’re real patriots and law abiding citizens willing to have recourse through legitimate means. The problem is we have watched our legitimate means fail in either corruption or cowardice. So here we are with mumbles in the White House, watching that imbecile & these people destroy our free and fair election along with our Republic assisted by spineless Republicans. They’re just too content in going along rather than cause waves. It’s just easier. Mumbles has dementia. i feel sorry for him. I feel even sorrier for our country. The media carries water for him trying to help cover it up. Stupid as hell. Everyone knows. If you’re one of those people willing to make excuses for him even when his dementia is so obvious there’s something seriously wrong with you. i bet you were one of those people who fell for the pee pee in Russia Hoax calling Trump an agent of Russia when it was all a lie.