Space Force planning for a future of smaller, cheaper satellites – SpaceNews

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Space Force procurement arm, the Space and Missile Systems Center, for more than a year has been helping the Pentagon’s Space Development Agency accelerate the procurement of small satellites. 

The close collaboration between SMC and SDA may come as a surprise to those who have followed the politics of the Defense Department’s space organizations. 

When the Space Force was established in December 2019, the Defense Department kept the SDA as a stand-alone organization. DoD’s space agency, created in March 2019, positioned itself as a disruptor that would challenge the traditional procurement culture centered around large satellites that was embodied by SMC.

Air Force leaders at the time pushed back and even sought to shut down the SDA arguing that it was not needed as the Space Force already had SMC as its procurement agency.

Fast forward to the present day and SDA, a small agency with a lean staff, needs SMC’s expertise to advance its programs. The Space Force meanwhile has embraced the SDA vision of smaller and cheaper satellites. Although SMC will continue to build large customized geostationary spacecraft, its focus is shifting to low Earth orbit as this is the direction in which the commercial space industry is headed.

Lt. Col. Tim Trimailo, who oversees prototyping and innovation programs at SMC, said his office has “spent countless hours poring through proposals, discussing them and coming to recommendations” to help SDA speed up contract awards and meet its ambitious timelines for having a constellation in orbit by 2022. 

Trimailo’s office, based in Los Angeles, also helped SDA get connected with other parts of SMC that oversee launch services, ground systems and manufacturing.“I think the cooperation has been really mutually beneficial,” Trimailo said March 4 during a virtual panel discussion hosted by the Potomac Officers Club.

SDA eventually will be realigned under the Space Force. Congress directed the Pentagon to move the agency to the Space Force by 2022. But before that happens, SDA wants to complete the initial deployment of a Transport Layer of 20 data-relay satellites and a Tracking Layer of eight sensor satellites to detect and track missiles.

Much of the technology that SDA needs for its constellation is being developed under the Blackjack program, a three-year-old Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency effort to demonstrate capabilities of small satellites in low Earth orbit. 

Trimailo runs a program called CASINO, short for commercially augmented space inter-networked operations, that was created to support DARPA’s Blackjack. “CASINO has been sort of the focal point for proliferated LEO activities at SMC and so there’s a natural tie there” with what SDA is doing, he said.

SMC’s decades of experience acquiring systems and the work it has done with DARPA were put to use in support of SDA, he said. “We’ve been collaborating with the Space Development Agency for well over a year now.

”SDA’s constellations eventually will be part of the broader national security space program that SMC runs. “We’re actively looking at additional opportunities where we can collaborate moving forward,” said Trimailo.

For example, SMC plans to use SDA satellites to host experimental payloads. “SDA is developing this stable of satellites that are going up very frequently, and there’s an opportunity to test some advanced capabilities on orbit to inform future investments and form the future architecture,” said Trimailo. “So payload hosting is a big piece of that.”

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Recall Gov. Newsom Campaign Reaches Nearly 2 Million Signatures – 500k More Than Needed | Dan Bongino

The effort to recall California Gov. Grant Newsom has nearly hit 2 million signatures, a number that would be 500,000 more than is required more than a week before the March 17 deadline.

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FOIA Release Showcases FBI Small Group Coordinating With Media To Push Russia Narrative in 2017 Exactly as Suspected – The Last Refuge (for those who can’t see the media is propaganda)

HatTip FOIA FAN who continues digging on the Sypgate operation, to keep the historic record accurate.This latest affirmation of 2017 coordinated activity with media comes amid new text releases from internal conversations of the FBI small group.  Peter Ztrzok, Lisa Page, Mike Kortan (PIO), Jennifer Boone, Andrew McCabe and others.  Essentially it confirms what we previously outlined on January 10, 2017, immediately after CNN broadcast their false narrative about Trump Russia collusion. 

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STARVE THE UniParty – President Trump Says “No More Money for RINOS'” – The Last Refuge

This can be an effective strategy against the right-wing of the UniParty in DC. This can be the strategy to finally take down the professional political club within the RNC.After the RNC refused to stop using President Trump’s name and image on their donor solicitations President Trump is now saying stop giving them money.

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Battered Conservative No More – The Last Refuge

At first blush Barnes is saying something we can all agree with.  Yes, Liz Cheney is toxic to the base of support within the republican party; and yes, the GOP putting Cheney into a very visible position of leadership tells us something. 

However, the visiblity of Liz Cheney is not because the GOPe are stupidly disconnected from their base, Liz Cheney is purposefully visible because the GOPe wants her there. 

She is a feature not a flaw or mistake; and the GOP totally gets it.The Republican party believes the conservative voter base of the party is the problem, not the leadership. 

Please accept that as an empirical fact or we will continue to have discussions that are misinterpretations of motive.  From the mindset of the institutional Republican party YOU are the problem, not Liz Cheney.

When you finally accept that the RNC wing of the UniParty hates you, literally hates their base of voters, only then can you begin to break the cycle known as “Battered Conservative Syndrome.

”However, to break this toxic mindset we must stand firm against the abuser.  THEY are the problem, not you.  THEY work for you, not vice-versa.The GOP leadership is supposed to represent your priorities, not carry out their priorities while managing your angst.

We The People are being abused by them.Everything they are doing – they are doing because what they are doing is exactly what they want to do.The institutional republican leadership are not making mistakes.  Accept who they are.

There seems to be a willful blindness on the part of the American people, a chosen refusal to acknowledge the implications of the unAmerican and unConstititional behaviors, actions and outcomes we are being served on a daily basis.

It can no longer be presumed to be a matter of “I can’t see what’s happening” because a whole lot of normal Americans really are clean and articulate.

I can’t see it” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

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