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Steve Bannon warned us allIn his convo with Author Mike McCormick and National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on The War Room, Bannon told Americans to prepare for the transition from Joe Biden to Kamala Harris.

You saw this coming, right?Bannon discussed Biden’s physical and mental health, adding that his “eyes are now dead.” Harris has a much bigger role than any other vice president.

“Kamala Harris is printed up in playbooks, always there for these meetings,” Bannon said as he explained how Harris is involved with a large amount of meetings. “Pence was never that. That’s not the roll of the vice president.”

Bannon speaks for us all.In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, conservative podcast host and former Secret Service member Dan Bongino fired his shots. He had a nice conversation with Secret Service members close to Biden, so yes, he is telling the truth.

According to Bongino, Biden’s health is much worse than we first thought. The US President “is in real significant trouble.”“It was something I was getting from my sources,” Bongino said. “Sean, it gives me absolutely no joy in saying this. And I mean that. He is in real significant trouble, Joe Biden. And listen to me. everyone around him. Everyone knows it. Everyone knows it.

This is the scandal that they’re not telling you – how bad his condition really is… I’m telling you from what I’m hearing from people in my network, everyone knows how bad it is. Everyone. It’s not a mystery, it is the worst kept secret in the White House.”“That would be a cover-up,” Hannity said.

Source: Steve Bannon Sounds The Alarm, Says To Prepare for a Transition to Kamala Harris – The True Reporter

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Video: Facts Matter (March 5): Judge Finds 78% of Mail-In Ballots Invalid, Orders New Election

Two city council members in New Jersey were indicted on fraud charges related to mail-in voting in the city’s last election. Similarly, in Mississippi, a judge has just thrown out the results of a local election. He ordered them to now hold a redo election.Also in Mississippi, lawmakers have just passed a bill that would ban transgender athletes from competing in female sports at schools and universities.Facts Matter is an Epoch Times show available on YouTube.Follow Roman on Instagram: @epoch.times.roman

Source: Video: Facts Matter (March 5): Judge Finds 78% of Mail-In Ballots Invalid, Orders New Election


Spring is coming. Of course, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone here who believes it. Still bitterly cold, but that said spring IS officially on the way. It’s supposed to climb up to the 50’s in the next few days. Don’t forget it will be time to set the clocks forward again soon. You know, daylight savings time.


Spring brings with it rain, melting snow and green grass. You might see a robin and even a few crocuses. Spring and summer also bring unwanted weather. Since we have to deal with it, let’s talk about it again. I was watching video of the Reno tornado again just to see if i could learn anything new. I still take away the same critical information and that is that tornadoes are unpredictable and dangerous. They’re an awesome, powerful sight but better from a distance than up close and personal. Even a trained spotter takes a great risk, let alone an amateur who thinks they know what they’re doing.

This video re the El Reno tornado is a must see! It is lessons learned for chasers,but very informative for the general public.

I saw some very disturbing videos last night. One was a trucker who kept saying he was going to pull of the road but didn’t. He was driving straight into the path of the tornado while his girlfriend, companion or wife(not sure which)was pleading with him, almost in tears sometimes anger, to pull off. He’s going one way as cars passing on the other side are going in the opposite direction. You would think that would have given him a clue. It didn’t. Maybe he was being deliberately stubborn or just had no clue what he was doing period. There was a place he could have sheltered at, long before he got close to the tornado. He passed it by. Shouldn’t have. Best option. Here’s what he should have done, other than doing the worst thing possible:


One of THE worst tornado videos (below) i have ever watched was a man obviously on a 2nd floor(probably an apartment, maybe a house)when he should have been at the lowest level away from the window. He was recording on his camera as he watched a large tornado heading directly for his location. He never budged. At the end all you could see was an eerie total darkness. It was one thing that he didn’t care about his own safety/survival, another he didn’t seem to care what happened to his wife. The news report: he actually survived, she didn’t. If a tornado doesn’t appear to be moving then it is heading directly at you. Further, you can’t always see a rain wrapped tornado.


Seriously, this is as stupid and senseless as it gets.

I almost hated to post it here, except that it gives a real sense of what a direct hit can look like & what NOT to do. NO picture is worth it. This man lost his wife when he could have been protecting her if not himself. There are several things they could have done, including left for a shelter or safer location long before the warning was given.THE best choice. If not that, gone to the lowest level -2nd best choice-or a closet with space between them and the outside walls with heads covered. Any of those choices were better than the one he made; this is exactly what you don’t do.


I know this-you don’t stand there waiting for a direct hit. The video after that showed a family that did it right-they did the best they could do. They were in an interior closet or bathroom with helmets on themselves and their kids.You could tell they had time to spare.

Another family had their kids jumping up and down all over the place outside their front door during a tornado warning. Not a care in the world. The next one had a man and his wife, while she was heading for the basement, he was joking around making light of the situation. She had to keep coming up to see if he was alright until she got so fed up she finally told him he was on his own. Let me explain this to people-guys in particular-when you don’t look out for both of you, then you put a lot of stress on the person that is worried about both of you. It’s not funny, not fair & definitely not helpful.

They feel responsible for what could happen to you and you don’t seem to care about either one of you. It comes to a point where the concerned person is just going to have to say to heck with you. It’s not fair to put that burden on anyone just because you have some need to be cavalier; basically stupid. They know they will do the right thing for themselves, so it’s you they’re in a panic over. Bottom line: you could end up being in a dangerous situation, be there for each other. Your lack of concern is not making them calmer. Just the opposite.

Unfortunately, people do get complacent.

You may have had too many watches, warnings when nothing happened and begin to think they’re crying wolf. Tornado forecasting has come a long ways but it’s got a ways to go yet. Better they ARE wrong, that’s for sure, but you can begin to brush them off. Remember it only takes being right ONE time. Remember too that tornadoes are unpredictable so that’s a factor not in their favor. They do the best they can with all the tools they have. Think of where they were just a few short years ago in comparison. It’s critical to heed those watches and warnings. It helps to become weather aware too.

The final video i watched was a man with his family on the road-the last place you want to be besides a mobile home(trailer). His little boy was screaming and crying, scared to death. He asked his boy if God wasn’t bigger than a tornado or the other way around if a tornado was bigger than God? i think he meant well & was trying to calm down the little boy but it didn’t work. He kept screaming and crying. Yes, God IS bigger/stronger than a tornado but you aint God. The tornado is bigger/stronger than you. Please seek shelter and get off the road or better yet, do not BE on the road in the first place.

Which brings me up to a point i make over and over again no matter how many times i mention tornado safety. BE WEATHER AWARE. The Storm Prediction Center forecasts the probability of tornadic activity days ahead. They’re not always right because there are several variables that can change but we’d rather find out they were wrong than take risks and find out they’re right. The majority of the time the SPC report is accurate. The SPC Convection Reports.

The technology has vastly improved over the years. Your local weather station radar is doing a better job than they used to but, unlike a hurricane, a tornado can spin up quickly and not follow a certain path. You don’t have the time to evacuate like you do with a hurricane.

We’re talking minutes, maybe split seconds to get to your safe place in some instances. Unlike hurricanes which they can calculate fairly accurately, path included, a tornado is unpredictable. It can change speed and direction and grow rapidly in size; other tornadoes can spin up along with the main tornado so now you’re not dealing with not one, but several. They can tell you the category of a hurricane BEFORE it hits. The fajita scale-measurement of a tornado-is based on the damage AFTER.

So let’s do this before the action begins over spring and summer; though a tornado can come up any time of year if the conditions are right. For the sake of when they most often appear we’ll say spring and summer and do the following:

  1. can’t stress this enough. get weather aware. check with the storm prediction center SPC forecasts for the week,every week. They’ll give you a heads up on conditions favorable for tornadoes, where and when. Check daily with your local. Takes maybe 5 minutes or less. Get an emergency alert for your phone or make arrangements with someone willing to contact you in case of an emergency. Keep in mind tornadoes are particularly dangerous at night, because people tend to be unaware or sleeping plus it’s dark. You can’t really see what’s going on outside.
  2. make sure you’re alert or can be alerted if you’re under a watch or expect to be under a watch at some point. Again ,it really comes down to being weather aware. Most people who got caught in their sleep had no idea anything was going to happen. Those cases almost always have tragic endings. We also keep a first aid kit in our basement and helmets provide protection. I saw a whole family wearing their bicycle helmets & shoes, sitting in a closet. They did everything they were supposed to do and the kids were fairly calm. Once you’ve done that, all you can do is pray and hope for the best but at least you’ve increased the chances of survival.
  3. Have the plan and this is the one thing i noticed most; nobody had a flashlight.Flashlight, people! You know that the power often goes out even during a thunderstorm let alone a tornado. Here’s these people in a dark closet, bathroom, basement or home unable to see a darned thing. Make sure the batteries are charged and have at least one ready to use in your safe space(KEEP IT THERE) and one handy enough to grab while you’re waiting to see if you’ll need to head for your safe space. It just makes sense.
  4. Repeat: have the plan. Make sure all your family members know the plan and calmly execute. It might be helpful to do a couple practice runs now and then; a drill might help calm nerves when the time comes for the real thing. The other thing i noticed while people were in their safe space, not only that they didn’t have a flashlight, nobody took the time to pray. Wouldn’t this be a good time to teach the kids to pray?
  5. Do not be on the road or in a mobile home. Make plans for going to a shelter & allow yourself plenty of time to get there. Time to spare is better than being short on time. You may not have enough time. Keep that in mind. DO NOT TAKE SHELTER IN AN UNDERPASS. It only looks like a safe place to go. The truth is, it increases wind speed.
  6. Get a weather radio.You might be surprised how inexpensive they are. Ours goes off when there’s an alert from the National Weather Service.i know it works well because it drives my husband crazy. We wouldn’t be without it though.

Now let’s see what tornadoes can do based on the enhanced fajita scale:


Finally, check YOUR area for a place that constructs and installs above ground safe rooms. i checked out several companies from different states and to date this is one of the best i found. Could be better out there, but based on what i know assumed this company had pretty high standards. They have to meet FEMA standards to be considered viable; in fact check with FEMA for help w/ financing. Can’t hurt. Know they have programs. I just don’t know what the criteria is.


2NEWS investigates which safe room is safest: