Lessons from the El Reno Tornado(good time for a repeat this year)

if you want to learn about tornadoes these 2 are THE BEST from one of the worst tornadoes on record!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Be weather aware
  2. Do not be in a vehicle or mobile home
  3. Have a plan. where is my safe room? if i choose to evacuate, plan to go BEFORE there’s a warning-probably during the watch- and make sure you can get there. Again ,this means you have to be weather aware.
  4. Know the difference between a watch and warning. A watch means you’re watching; staying tuned to weather reports and initiating the plan. Warning means too late; the tornado is already on the ground. you should be in your safe space or shelter long before this happens. Warning as in you’ve been warned, it’s here! Time to get to the safe space if you haven’t already. Minutes even seconds matter now.
  5. Weather aware could mean a few days ahead as well as looking at present conditions. Think of the impact it would have if people knew a day or 2 ahead of time that tornadic activity was possible even likely. It would be nice if people even tuned into local reports at all each day, let alone a day or 2 ahead of time. i suspect most people are oblivious to weather conditions until they look out the window.
  6. Storm prediction Center. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/ and https://weather.com/
  7. Some boomers will remember the ad “it’s not nice to fool mother nature”. There’s no such thing as mother nature and while you can’t fool nature either, there is such a thing as respect for the power of nature. It doesn’t mean live in fear. It does mean understanding the powerful and sometimes destructive forces of nature. From lightning to tornadoes we have to admit it’s more powerful than we are and will always win if we think we can beat it. Better to be prepared. Know what we can do to avoid[if possible] or survive it’s most destructive forces.