Jan 6,2021


  1. the breech into the Capitol Building was not an insurrection. It barely made the status of a riot. were laws broken? yes.

2. Pres Trump did not incite anything. He held a rally called SAVE AMERICA and asked the people to peacefully and patriotically[his words] let their voices be heard at the Capitol Building on Jan 6.

3. The only person who was actually killed in the incident was a female Trump supporter.

Prove me wrong.

Banned from Twitter. No Great Loss. Parler is Back!

One Sick Puppy

Think it was at least 1 month ago when i got the boot from Twitter. i was on Twitter early that day,got off and came back late afternoon only to find out my account had been suspended. They will let you appeal but good luck with that because they don’t even tell you why you’re suspended other than you have to assume you’ve violated Jack’s TOS.You can appeal but be prepared because nobody is actually reviewing your appeal. How do i know? They-whoever they is-will keep sending you automated emails. Long story short i went to a back up account at Parler. i also had a couple other accounts as back up,gab and me we;my preference was parler. Pres Trump was banned from Twitter. It wasn’t long after his ban that Parler bit the dust. Big tech went after the new platform and took it down. Meantime i used Gab and MeWe for communication.Twitter didn’t matter at this point. After years of building up ppl who followed me and who i followed(thousands)Twitter took the account back to 0. That was a shame but other than that no great loss. Parler is back! In fact it seems to be working better since the comeback than it was before it went down.It has a different platform than twitter so it does take some getting used to,especially if you’ve been on twitter for some time and grown accustomed to it. That said,i’ve been off Twitter long enough and on Parler long enough to actually prefer the Parler platform. The day Rush Limbaugh’s death was announced the liberals were already trending their vile tweets. It was confirmation to me why i should never go back to Twitter even if the suspension were removed.

The trends at Twitter were always either ridiculous or ugly. Honestly, Dorsey is a creepy little man who lets some people violate Twitter’s own TOS and censors everyone else. No thanks. When you ban our own Pres,cover up the Biden scandals during the 2020 election then let ppl violate your own terms of service to attack a man who has just passed away you need to be the media that’s taken down. There’s no reason to give Twitter any support especially when there’s alternatives that respect free speech like Parler,Gab and MeWe.

We’re the ppl who built Twitter up.I’m sure we can be the people who bring Twitter down. All we have to do is voluntarily delete our accounts there. i know it’s hard to get away from. Understand totally. I also know when you leave for awhile and start connecting with people elsewhere it feels great not having to deal with imbeciles and censorship on a daily basis.

the Biden-Harris “power duo” supposedly drew out 82+ million voters…And two of those voters showed up in California on Friday to welcome back their beloved Kamala Harris.Yes, TWO people.It’d be one thing if we at least saw – with our eyes – all of this amazing support he supposedly has – but we don’t. We’ve never seen it, not even during the campaign.We’re just told it exists.And the left will say that’s because of the pandemic. But that’s hogwash. Biden doesn’t even have support in the virtual world. Ratings suck for his town halls, and nobody tunes in for his speeches…on “President’s Day” the only parades happening were for President Trump.

https://www.waynedupree.com/2021/02/kamala-harris-california-trip/ check out the article,includes VIDEO of the ‘crowd’

You and i both know,we ALL know,Trump won and anyone with 1/2 a brain cell knows how the Democrats pulled off the heist.I’ve been through plenty of elections in my lifetime and this is the first time i have ever seen an election that was totally corrupt.It’s the first time i’ve ever seen the obvious loser installed.Why do you think they are trying to not only ban the LEGITIMATE winner but to actually destroy him.You can’t even talk about the election being dishonest,stolen and corrupt on most social media platforms[notably Twitter] or media. Think about that for a second.

God help us,Biden is playing Mario Brothers and Kamala is speaking with foreign heads of state and dignitaries. Biden is at a town hall with Anderson Cooper saying there was no vaccine when he came into office. Everyone knows that there was and he got the vaccination himself. Cooper just stands there. Biden,known for past racial slures,adds a new one at the same town hall. Again,Cooper just stands there. The media is covering for Biden just like they did his election loss. Pelosi went crazy because Pres Trump had the nuclear codes (rightfully,as the Commander In Chief). As the CIC Trump would be the last person to start a war,as shown by his own decisions, contrary to the media narrative.The one i’d be worried about is Biden. 1. he has dementia, at the least serious cognitive disabilities 2. he lost the election 3. the media will cover for him no matter what and that better concern everyone, even liberals.

I’ve been saying it and i’m going to keep saying it because it’s true. Trump won. Biden lost. Biden was installed. Trump was elected and is the LEGITIMATE President of the United States.

Come over to parler.com. Check it out. See if it’s your cuppa tea. Give it time. Don’t expect it to be a duplicate of twitter and you’ll do ok.Yes, they do support free speech. ABSOLUTELY. Like any platform they do have TOS.

Side Note. Banned from Facebook too. No notice. No warning. No reason. Doubt anyone even noticed i was gone