Pence Was Too Weak

i just finished reading a report in the Epoch Times about Trump and Pence being on speaking terms. Pence explains his decision to certify the electoral votes by saying he couldn’t pick the alternates due to constraints in the Constitution. Maybe i don’t know enough about the Constitution to say this-someone with more knowledge can spell it out-but i don’t recall seeing such a constraint.If i’m wrong,correct me.

Let’s suppose there is though. Pence would have had every right to pick the alternates because the votes that gave Biden a supposed win were obtained by VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION. Pence would have had every right to reject them. i’m going to guess that would have thrown his actions into the Supreme Court. Fine. Nothing wrong with that. Pence was a decent man and did a good job for the President but either he was too weak for the big decisions like this or he was swamp all along. i know this;he’s not the kind of person who likes to rock the boat and whatever the status quo is he’s willing to give deference. The bottom line is Trump knew that rejecting those electors was the right thing to do. Tough but right. Pence could have saved the Republic.Now we have this communist puppet in the White House. Biden was put there through a coup the Democrats and all their cohorts [including some Republicans]had been working on since Trump was elected.

Biden is not the legitimate President. Another fake story is the narrative there was an insurrection at the Capitol building incited by Pres Trump. False on 2 counts. 1. It was a riot,if even that,but it was not an insurrection. 2. it was not incited by Pres Trump. i’ve written several blog entries on those 2 keys points. I won’t go over them again here. You’re not buying it then leave a comment. We can discuss it. People can keep repeating the word insurrection but they’re way off the mark. It was a terrible event but not even close to an insurrection.

This was an insurrection supported by the Democrats and the people who conspired with them, media included.