(278) Rush Limbaugh at CPAC 2009: The Speech That Inspired a Movement – YouTube

As I listened carefully this time it dawned on me. Trump was the candidate Rush was always hoping for. Thankful Rush lived long enough to meet him and deservedly receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from him.

It seems like Rush was taken from us too soon. I keep thinking-and sure you do too-if only Rush had been given another 10 yrs. Given the seriousness of Stage 4 Cancer we all know he was given an expiration date. Rush hinted that he lived past the time he was given. In fact, he went in to do his show almost till the day he died. If complications had not set in am sure he would have been there to the day. I watched Rush on a Monday. He was going in for chemo the next day and of course would be having a guest host come in. I kept waiting for him to come back like he always did. I think it was Friday night or at least that weekend my friend from Florida called me and asked what i thought about Rush. She was very concerned. So was I. Seemed like he would have been back by Friday but you never knew with his chemo. I told her if he wasn’t back by the following Monday then something was definitely wrong-i even gave him an extra day thinking if he didn’t come back by Tues then we had reason to think the worst. It was the worst and it was that Tues. We knew all along that day would come. We had been given extra time with Rush. Maybe because we were that fortunate we were thinking the extra time would continue. I was certainly hopeful and bet you were too although the prognosis said otherwise and his appearance had changed. He kept getting thinner. Wishful thinking meet reality.

I know this from listening to the Cpac message again that he and Trump had some kind of affinity with each other. They crossed paths at just the right time. Trump really was the candidate Rush had been hoping for. He nailed the GOPe in the speech before it was known as the GOPe. It’s ironic how he even mentioned the Walmart crowd; the ones who became known as the ‘smelly’ Walmart people by the left AND the GOPe. i bet Rush would have had a few good words for Turtle these days. He would have done it with his sharp wit and absolutely slayed him.

Enjoy the speech especially if you’ve never heard it before. If you have heard it before listen to it with ears tuned into the political landscape today. You’ll see how much more relevant it is now than it was then. See if you don’t hear echoes of Trump and get goose bumps like i did knowing Trump wasn’t even in the picture at the time. You’ll also want to note what he has to say about Biden who was only Obama’s VP then. Boy, did he have him pegged!

Yes,Rush was talent on loan from God. He never let it go to waste. He was a very serious person yet thing i loved most about him was his sense of humor.