Trump Says He’s Considering New Social Media Platform: ‘You Can Literally Build Your Own Site’

Former President Donald Trump is considering joining a new social media platform but stated he might create his own—coming after he was suspended by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other Big Tech websites last month.In an interview with Newsmax on Wednesday night—one of his first since leaving office—the former commander-in-chief said he is weighing his options after Twitter moved against him.

“We’re negotiating with a number of people, and there’s also the other option of building your own site. Because we have more people than anybody. I mean you can literally build your own site,” Trump said, adding that he is considering building his own platform.

“I really wanted to be somewhat quiet. They wanted me very much on Parler, you know they had a phony report that the man who was in there didn’t–I mean just the opposite, they really wanted me on Parler,” Trump said, referring to statements made by Parler’s former CEO John Matze.

Earlier this month, Jason Miller, one of Trump’s advisers, said the former president is deciding on how to reemerge on social media.“I would expect that we will see the president reemerge on social media,” Miller told Breitbart News on Feb. 6.

“Whether that’s joining an existing platform or creating his new platform, there are a number of different options and a number of different meetings that they’ve been having on that front.

Nothing is imminent on that.”When Trump was banned from Big Tech platforms, they said it was because the former president’s comments could have incited violence in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach—although Trump denounced the riots several times and called on protesters to demonstrate peacefully.

The breach at the U.S. Capitol started before Trump finished his speech at the rally, according to a timeline compiled by The Epoch Times. Meanwhile, the New York Times and CNN retracted reports that claimed Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was killed by Trump supporters

.But bans handed down by Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and others drew considerable criticism from civil liberties organizations and conservatives, arguing that if these firms could ban the president, then any user could be banned for nearly any reason.

“We are always concerned when platforms take on the role of censors, which is why we continue to call on them to apply a human rights framework to those decisions,” according to a Jan. 7 statement from the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

“We also note that those same platforms have chosen, for years, to privilege some speakers—particularly governmental officials—over others, not just in the U.S., but in other countries as well. A platform should not apply one set of rules to most of its users, and then apply a more permissive set of rules to politicians and world leaders who are already immensely powerful.”

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The Path To Conservatism Went Through Rush

Andrew Breitbart wrote, One day I asked [my future father-in-law Orson Bean] why he had Rush Limbaugh’s book The Way Things Ought to Be on his shelf. I asked him, “Why would you have a book by this guy?”And Orson said, “Have you ever listened to him?”I said yes, of course, even though I never had. I was convinced to the core of my being that Rush Limbaugh was a Nazi, anti-black, anti-Jewish, and anti-all things decent. Without berating me for disagreeing with him, Orson simply suggested that I listen to him again.…This is where my rendezvous with destiny begins.

I had listened to Rush when he was on television and it prompted me to read the same book, The Way Things Out To Be. The book was the clincher. From that day forward i was a dyed in the wool ditto head.

Rush had a great sense of humor. He didn’t beat you over the head with conservative ideology. He pointed out the absurdity of liberalism with his wit. He was definitely a talent on loan from God. If it had not been for Rush plus some other factors along the way i might never have become a conservative or found my next major influence, Mark Levin.

The issue of abortion was the first catalyst in my life. My folks were staunch Democrats. i was not only a staunch Democrat like them but what you would consider a flaming liberal to boot. They were one but not the other. i doubt they would recognize or support the Democrat party today. At first i was convinced that abortion was a matter of choice and no one should interfere with a woman’s decision. Keep in mind 3 yr out of high school abortion was legalized. i was also pregnant around the same time & made up my mind abortion was out; when it became personal i realized i strongly opposed it. Years later i would return to the Catholic Church and give up what was obviously a flawed lifestyle. Let’s say my creed was eat,drink and be merry for the longest time.

Rush’s show went off tv. At that point i lost track of him. Years later, through ppl uploading his shows from his EIB network onto you tube tube and bit chute, rediscovered him only to find out we’d be losing him again. Rush was diagnosed with cancer. He had already lost his hearing and had surgery. Not even that could keep Rush away from his audience. Stage 4 lung cancer couldn’t keep him away from his audience. The highlight of the encounter with Rush was seeing him receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Pres Trump. i just wish i had not missed out on all those years in between.

The Great One,Mark Levin, has been a major influence on me but i probably would never have given him 2 minutes of my attention had it not been for the influence of Rush years ago. Andrew Breitbart himself was an inspiration to me in this journey. I read his book Righteous Indignation. He hit the nail on the head with his honesty and insight.

And it is Breitbart who explains again,

Most important, though, Limbaugh, like the professor I always wanted but never had the privilege to study under, created a vivid mental picture of the architecture of a world that I resided in but couldn’t see completely…

[resided in that kind of world too, Andrew, not bright enough to see it at the time]

If you can’t see it now though you’re either mentally blind or willfully ignorant. Liberalism does have a strong hold on people. i know from being there myself you can believe the other side is tyrannical and avoid it like the plague. You can only break out if you’re at least a little open minded; enough to consider another pov. You can only break out if the grace of God finds a crack in your arrogance. Liberalism is so morally bankrupt that it’s dangerous. The Democrat party attacks anything near and dear to the heart of our truly American principles. i identify those principles as faith, family and freedom.

There is a reason i wouldn’t even consider going back to the Democrat party. i considered our family Kennedy Democrats but that party was gone long before i discovered it was MIA. My folks never left though. They consistently voted Democrat and attended all the fund raisers. Mom just loved Hillary Clinton but i’m sure she voted for Obama. They didn’t get into ideology or examine the party very closely. All they knew was a candidate had a D beside their name and that was good enough for them. The main reason i won’t ever go back-besides abortion-is the vile and viscous attacks the left has for people for people who disagree with them. Their response to the news of Rush’s death was reprehensible and confirmed exactly why i can’t go back. It was trending on Twitter but i won’t repeat it here. A young lady tweeted how she disowned her own family because they voted for Trump. My folks never divulged who they voted for but i could give it my best guess and it would never have caused me to disown them! These ppl think they’re making good points. They don’t realize it’s the kind of thing that eventually drives most people out of the party or confirms to people like me why leaving was the right decision. The American people are fair minded about their fellow Americans. The kind of thing i’ve seen on Twitter and experienced personally just doesn’t fly with them.

Rush Limbaugh Jan 12,1951-Feb 17,2021

Trump Says ‘Too Early to Say’ Whether He’s Running in 2024

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday would not confirm whether he would run for president again in 2024, saying that it was “too early” to make such a decision on his political future.

” It’s too early to say but I see a lot of great polls out there, that’s for sure,”

Trump told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly who put forward the question during his show.“We have tremendous support. I won’t say yet but we have tremendous support and I’m looking at poll numbers that are through the roof.“I’m the only guy who gets impeached and my numbers go up,” he added.

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When Disaster Strikes(prayers for Texas)

Here’s a thought. Why don’t we think about possible scenarios in the time BEFORE a disaster strikes? i’m not sure why but we seem to have a mindset in the United States that is reactive. We do well after the fact with lessons learned but we never seem to be ready beforehand.

How do you prepare? Think the unthinkable and ask the question “what if”

I lived most of my life in the snow belt and remember winters where the temperatures dipped below 70 with the wind chill factor added in. We went through a couple tornado warnings. Fortunately nothing came of them.

So how on earth did we manage with feet of snow and incredibly cold temperatures. Whether it’s a tornado warning or snow storm where you could lose electric you have flashlights ready. Never use candles. You don’t want to add a disaster to a disaster. Layers of clothing and blankets definitely help and i would recommend purchasing a down comforter. Nothing like it. Body warmth doesn’t hurt either. Cuddle up. If you have gloves, socks and a hat-probably should-keep your extremities covered meaning your head, feet and hands. Do not use a parked vehicle for warmth. People die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and it’s nothing you can see or smell. It will overtake you quickly without you even being aware of it. If you can afford it get a generator, even if you think you would never need one.Follow the safety guidelines for safe use. Finally, if you’re fortunate enough to still have running water but the temps are diving, open the faucet a tad. Running water doesn’t freeze. Open the cabinet doors too;if there’s any warmth in the home it will keep the plumbing warm underneath a little bit more.The first step is to recognize that things we’re not prepared for, thinking they could never happen, can happen. The CCP virus is the perfect example.

i know people make fun of preppers who stock up on non perishable foods in case of some apocalyptic event but they may be onto something anyway. It doesn’t have to be an apocalyptic event. It can certainly end up being an event we didn’t see coming. My thinking is always have extra or back up of anything considered essential to survival. Whether that’s food or fuel right down to the batteries you might need for a flashlight. Something that requires power that is already depleted does us no good in an emergency. i also have a first aide kit handy and that could be useful in any situation.

My concern for our country now is an EMP attack. i put nothing past China. Our officials talk about it and mention it could happen. They fret. My question is what are we doing to prepare? I never knew hand wringing helped anyone. Nor does thinking it’s a possibility in the future. Think of anything, even an EMP attack, as possible NOW. Can you imagine where we might have been with the CCP virus had our intel agencies been on the look out for the CCP in China doing something this nefarious.

i watch the weather closely and tend to look ahead at the Storm Prediction Center. Weather can be tricky because one factor or another can change even slightly from day to day but overall you can get a pretty good idea of what’s probably coming. They look at patterns days out and make the best prediction possible. I stay tuned in locally too but to get a heads up you need an early prediction. The bottom line is become weather aware. For the few minutes it takes it’s worth it,both nationally at the storm prediction center and locally from the Weather Channel. We also have a weather radio. Not too expensive. It’s nothing fancy except it does have a warning system on it-it drives my husband crazy in the summer when we have severe weather moving in so i know it works.The worst tornado warnings are the ones that come at night. They are the most dangerous because people are caught unaware. If you’re under a tornado watch it could slip into a warning. Just assume you could get hit while you’re sleeping.It would pay to have a weather radio,leave your tv on in case they do an emergency broadcast or sign up for a phone alert. Talk to your neighbors and mention some things you could do for each other.Maybe you could have an agreement to call and relay a warning,especially at night.We have a basement.i always make a point of letting people know if they don’t have a basement or a safe place to go they are welcome in our home. I always say, don’t even call or knock. Just come over.

Have a plan.Prep not panic is my motto.

I’m always flabbergasted watching videos by tornado spotters who catch people driving around as if nothing is going on;totally oblivious to the weather conditions they are under or about to be. I honestly don’t get it. i know at least 1-2 days ahead of time of possible dangerous weather conditions from conditions favorable to tornadoes or blizzards on the way. Technology has come a long way in aiding our meteorologists. These people are scientists who study the weather. New technologies have assisted them greatly in their ability to make predictions. Are they 100% accurate? Of course not because of the inherent slight unpredictability of weather in the first place but they’re pretty darned good. I’d rather they WERE wrong.

Here’s a thought for state officials who are supposed to be managing these disasters. I often see where they are sending out warnings, psa’s and other communications to the general public during a disaster when the electric is out. PSA’s may seem helpful once the disaster has passed. Keep in mind services in most instances are still down. They’ll give out website addresses which seems like a good idea on its face. My question has always been, if the electric is out and there’s no means of communication what good is this information to the people who have no access? Maybe we should take that into consideration?

Do you have any ham radio operators in your area? If you haven’t recruited them to aide in disasters please do so.They almost always have a means of communication when all else is failing. No, a ham radio operator(aka amateur radio )is NOT a cb enthusiast.”Hams” are licensed operators for particular bandwidths.* Storm Prediction Center Weather Channel Weather Radios. The prices are very reasonable. I didn’t spend much on ours and it does the job. Solar Power Generators. Product Reviews

*I know. Got my Tech license and passed the General Exam.