Subway Crime Epidemic | Rudy Giuliani Common Sense Podcast

New York City seems to be repeating some of the worst parts of its history. The recent epidemic of subway crime follows a shocking record year of city-wide increases. In 2020 homicides were up 45%, shootings 97%, and shooting victims over 100%. Such rapid and unprecedented increases spread fear not only to New Yorkers but to visitors, businesses, and tourists. This fear has been exacerbated with the breakout of a subway crime epidemic. Women thrown on tracks, random beatings, robbery, attempted rape, and general frightening harassment are now everyday occurrences. Interestingly, subway crime has always been the source of more hysteria than similar crimes committed on the street. It is understandable. You are confined below ground and once in the subway car, you have fewer options to escape.

Source: Subway Crime Epidemic | Rudy Giuliani Common Sense Podcast