WOW! Half a Million Patriots Watch Trump Celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida on RSBN!

Trump supporters held a huge President’s Day celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida today for President Trump. There were no celebrations planned for Joe Biden today but we’re expected to believe Dementia Joe got 81 million votes! President Trump surprised the Florida rally-goers on Monday and the crowd went wild! Over half a million Trump…

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Open Letter to Senator Bill Cassidy;who voted to convict Pres Trump. note:i’ve been suspended from Twitter/Facebook both. Can someone pls see to it than Sen Cassidy gets this entry? thank you!

according to the Epoch Times you penned an oped in which you explained your vote to convict Pres Trump:

Cassidy argued that he believes Trump’s interactions with state officials, the Jan. 6 rally organized by members of the pro-Trump nonprofit group called Women for America First, and his speech that day were all part of a “calculated campaign to lie about the election.”

I’ll be honest with you so you can decide how much weight you could give my opinion,if any at all. I’m a Trump supporter. I voted for him in 2016,enthusiastically voted for him in 2020 and should he run again in 2024 i will be proud to vote for him a 3rd time.

The first time Pres Trump was impeached it was no surprise. The Democrats said they were going to impeach him 15 min after he was sworn into office. You know about the Russia Hoax of course. That went on for nearly all of his first term. i don’t recall hearing your name then or reading an oped in his defense. In fact what i remember most about that period was the silence of most of the Republicans; all but a few warriors who had the courage to stand up for the truth. Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes were stellar in that regard.The other Republicans who were speaking up were Never Trumpers. I bet there were any number of closet Never Trumpers (probably more than we think there were). We know what happened to all the seditious actors from the DOJ,FBI, State Dept,the Democrats,their cable media and social media plus SOME Republicans who conspired with them in the Russia Hoax.NOTHING. These people committed felonies. They illegally leaked classified information. They spied on American citizens including the President of the United States. They set up innocent people and destroyed their lives all in an effort to remove a duly elected legitimate President. Even the Mueller probe was involved in this conspiracy as they waited for Trump to obstruct the investigation so they could nail him for obstruction of justice over a crime he never committed. He didn’t and they failed. What did we hear in Trump’s defense? Silence.

I’m sure you know what it’s called when there’s an attempt to remove a duly elected legitimate President- a coup. When that attempt failed they moved onto the 1st impeachment. They even considered using the 25th amendment.

Given all that they tried to pull and the law breaking they were willing to engage in,it begs the question;WHAT WOULDN’T THEY DO to get Trump out of office? You really believe that a group of people, willing to attempt a coup, wouldn’t be willing to fix an election? Really Senator Cassidy?

Look at the states where they ILLEGALLY changed voting rules, kicked out watchers, used ILLEGAL hand offs not the required chain of custody and counted illegal ballots. I do understand that every election has some fraud. This wasn’t a case of having the expected fraud that we try to keep to a minimum ; this was a case of setting up the election to make fraud even MORE possible.Not the same thing. This time it was deliberate, intentional. & planned by the people who are supposed to be in charge and ensure we have election integrity. It couldn’t have been more obvious than it was the night of the election Nov 3rd.

You people seem to think President Trump convinced us it was not a legitimate election. WRONG. We saw what happened with our own 2 eyes. The night of the election there were states that clearly went to Biden. There were states that clearly went to Trump. Trump was winning with a huge margin in the last few critical states.A margin so wide that i’m sure people were calling into the Trump campaign to congratulate them. Suddenly it was like time stood still. Fulton County Georgia reported they had a broken water pipe and had to shut down. The other critical states where Trump had a comfortable lead [all] simultaneously stopped the count or for some other unexplainable reason couldn’t make the call.Bottom line: we were not going to know the outcome election night. They didn’t have a clue when they would know.i’ve seen a lot of presidential elections and none like this one. EVER.

There was one very bizarre incident that night too. The media had warned Pres Trump not to come out and make any announcements. Now we know the media opposed Trump so that part wasn’t much of a surprise. It was rotten but you can add that to a list of other rotten things they had been doing to the President all along. The news broke to tell us Biden was going to be making an announcement That was a WTH moment for me.if the President wasn’t supposed to make any,why was Biden? Then Trump came out later and spoke a few words himself. He was forced to by the Biden appearance.

The whole night seemed off. i had a very uneasy feeling before my husband and i called it a night. It wasn’t just the odd goings on election night that made me uneasy. There had been plenty of good people reporting all along that the Democrats were up to no good. It was not conspiracy theory. We saw it happening.Glenn Beck came close to pinning it down before it happened. Very close. Keep in mind he recorded this BEFORE the election.

Remember this:

Biden-a candidate who spent nearly all of his campaign under a lid. Biden-a candidate who barely left his home state of Delaware to campaign. Biden-a candidate who could barely fill a parking lot for a campaign event.Remember this too:Hillary Clinton publicly told Biden not to concede under ANY circumstances. Now there are questionable elections where a candidate is likely to contest an election. Doesn’t happen often but it’s not unusual. She didn’t tell him that though. She was clear;under ANY circumstances.What was that supposed to mean?

I’ll tell you what i’m convinced happened in the 2020 election. Trump won in a landslide. The election was set up so that if Trump were winning they could add in the votes for Biden or pull the votes from Trump to make up the difference and give the win to Joe.What they weren’t anticipating and not prepared for was the huge landslide Trump had. They really had to scramble. They had their work cut out for them but they had to get it done. Trump could not be allowed to win.

Read the Time magazine article where they bragged about what they did to the election. They called it saving democracy. It’s called a coup. They finally pulled it off. You don’t think there’s anything over the top in how they are trying to stop Trump from running again? Their sheer determination-even an unconstitutional (and it was)impeachment-to not just stop the man but to destroy him is right in front of you and you can’t see it? Yet,Brennan,Clapper,Comey,Yates,Strozk & all the spygate criminals were never touched.

Post Script: one of the main points i wanted to make here is that Trump didn’t incite anything. If he had groveled before Biden, conceded 5 seconds later and told the country what a great President he thought Biden would make it wouldn’t have changed my mind that the election was stolen. It’s exactly what you people are missing. i have a few things to say to McConnell too. We’ve had our fill of him. Mitch is no leader. The Senate has been MIA for a long time.

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Source: Trump Lawyer van der Veen: ‘My Entire Family, My Business, My Law Firm Are Under Siege Right Now’