Can the Senate PLEASE remove McConnell?

I’ve never seen a sadder group of people in the Senate than the one we have now. It would be helpful to at least get better,in fact,REAL leadership in the minority Republican party.The weak Republicans in the Senate have been revealing themselves all along but the 2nd fake UNCONSTITUTIONAL impeachment play was the clincher.

McConnell in typical Turtle fashion blamed the Georgia loss of seats to the Democrats on Trump. Like every other loss McConnell has it’s always someone else’s fault. Trump tried to save the 2 losers the establishment backed;there was probably no saving them. They lost for a number of reasons. i’m not going to get into it here.Suffice it to say there was plenty of blame to go around,including the candidates themselves. It’s also very possible because the election flaws weren’t fixed after the general Presidential election that one or both candidates were cheated out of their election. McConnell was just too quick to blame Trump though. Let’s go there because that is the main point i’m getting to.

Trump tried to get along with McConnell when he was first elected. i believe at the time Pres Trump thought it would be advantageous to try and work with the establishment. He extended an olive branch and appointed McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao to the Dept of Transportation. McConnell for his part went to Trump every time he needed an appointment to the courts. Trump ran on this issue anyway so Mitch knew he could count on him.When you take a look at the interactions between Trump and Turtle,the Turtle only knew Trump when he needed him. He ignored the President most of the time.IF the truth were told i’d bet Mitch was a closet Never Trumper. Like all the swamp creatures the minority leader didn’t think that highly of the people who actually got him there.We’re a vote. Other than that we’re irrelevant. Don’t get too cocky though if you’re a Democrat. Your leaders aren’t any different.

I didn’t watch one second of the fake impeachment hearing. i was afraid of giving it any cred.It was fake for several reasons. All of the major ones proven by the fact the justice of the Supreme Court is per Constitution OBLIGATED to preside over the hearing. Roberts is a progressive and even he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Article I . Section 3. Clause 6 The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside.

When Roberts declined that should have been the end of it right then and there.

Here are the reasons,all obvious to most of us:

1 Trump was already removed from office by an election.Fraudulent but nonetheless removed

2. The Chief Justice was obligated to preside. He refused knowing the impeachment was a fraud; illegitimate and unconstitutional. Roberts is not the sharpest tool in the box but he wasn’t stupid enough to blatantly and publicly fail to defend the Constitution when he took an oath to do just that.

3. Congress failed to give Trump due process. They threw the article together and plopped it into the Senate’s lap.

4. They had no evidence of the crime he supposedly committed when they drafted the article in the House . Worse, once the performance got rolling in the Senate it was even more obvious they had altered the so called evidence they presented there.

What does McConnell do in the end when the vote finally comes up? He votes to acquit and then says Trump was guilty all in the same breathe. Could he do that? Yep. Did he have to? Nope. Is he full of crap? Absolutely. He and his ilk would have you believe that Trump questioning the election results and not conceding to Biden was tantamount to an insurrection. I’ve got news for these people-even if Trump had groveled at the feet at Biden,said he conceded and told the country what a great President Biden would be, we would still believe the election was rigged,stolen and Biden was not legitimately elected President. i’ve written several entries calling this a coup and i’m not changing that pov for one second. President Trump didn’t incite squat. He incited the people to go over to the Capitol bldg and peacefully,patriotically let their voices be heard.Yep,he actually told the crowd to exercise their right to peacefully assemble and air their grievances. All protected rights.Trump exercised his first amendment right of free speech.

Newsflash:If he had never held the Save America rally that day we would still question the validity of Biden’s election. BTW, Save America is NOT the language of an insurrection.

They pulled off a coup. i don’t need Pres Trump to tell me that.

I’m assuming you already have the list of traitorous rat bastards. No need to mention them again. We know they will have to be booted out in a primary with a decent challenger. A MAGA CHALLENGER. The Senate needs to get a 2/3 vote and remove McConnell. It’s going to be difficult but there has to be at least one Senator who would make a leader with some spine.We’re done with Mitch. We were done with him a long time ago.This was THE last straw.


Inciting Violence. Just A Sampling

Joe Biden i’d like to take Trump behind a barn to beat him up

Peter Fonda lock 10 yr old Barron Trump(Pres and First Lady’s son) in a cage with child molesters.

Johnny Depp we need another John Wilkes Booth(assassination .for the left who missed our history)

Tom Arnold i fantasize about standing over Donald Trump Jr’s dead body

Kathy Griffith you remember the painting w/ Trump’s bloody head

Snoop Dog shoots a likeness of Pres Trump in a video,has the Pres in a body bag on an album cover

Corey Booker i dream of punching Trump in the face


Maxine Waters (more where this came from)