An Open Letter to Sen Lindsey Graham (hear you’re going down to talk to Pres Trump)

Covered in the Epoch Times,my go to for news. One of the few unbiased news sources in the United States.Before you go to see the President, wanted to pass along a few thoughts that i believe will speak for his 70+ million supporters. i hope writing this can do them justice. They’re great patriots and loyal as hell to both Trump and our Republic. I hope you will not take offense to the opening thought; i say it with all due respect but with honesty as well. I’m not sure i trust what you will have to say to the President. Sorry,but we Trump supporters trust very few people in office at this point. Here’s what you need to understand and hopefully you will listen. We do enough of the listening. It’s your turn.

What does McConnell do in the end when the vote finally comes up? He votes to acquit and then says Trump was guilty all in the same breathe. Could he do that? Yep. Did he have to? Nope. Is he full of crap? Absolutely. He and his ilk would have you believe that Trump questioning the election results and not conceding to Biden was tantamount to an insurrection. I’ve got news for these people-even if Trump had groveled at the feet at Biden,said he conceded and told the country what a great President Biden would be, we would still believe the election was rigged,stolen and Biden was not legitimately elected President. i’ve written several entries calling this a coup and i’m not changing that pov for one second. President Trump didn’t incite squat. He incited the people to go over to the Capitol bldg and peacefully,patriotically let their voices be heard.Yep,he actually told the crowd to exercise their right to peacefully assemble and air their grievances. All protected rights.Trump exercised his first amendment right of free speech.

Newsflash:If he had never held the Save America rally that day we would still question the validity of Biden’s election. BTW, Save America is NOT the language of an insurrection.

This is the language of an insurrection and they were at the beck and call of the Biden campaign.

They pulled off a coup. We didn’t need Pres Trump to tell us that.

We have a list of the Republicans we consider traitorous rat bastards. No need to mention them again. We know they will have to be booted out in a primary with a decent challenger. A MAGA CHALLENGER. The Senate needs to get a 2/3 vote and remove McConnell. It’s going to be difficult but there has to be at least one Senator who would make a leader with some spine.We’re done with Mitch. We were done with him a long time ago.This was THE last straw.

You’re not convinced there was a coup Sen Graham? Does everyone in DC need help getting their heads out of their posterior? Let’s go back to 2015-2016 and work our way up to Feb 2021 shall we?

The Obama-Biden admin including the FBI,DOJ,State Department, Hillary Clinton,foreign ‘allies’, the DNC,SOME Republicans and the media all conspired first to try and keep candidate Trump out of office and then to remove him after he was sworn in. They not only conspired to do this but we’re willing to commit FELONIES and lie to the American people to get him out.In fact Sen Graham they were willing to commit if not treason,at the least SEDITION, to get him removed from office. You know as well as I do that Mueller and his counsel were aware all along that Trump was innocent;that he was hardly a Russian agent colluding(a non crime anyway)with the Russian government. You know as well as I do they were hoping Trump would shut down the counsel so they could try and nail him with a real crime-obstruction of justice. They failed. He didn’t. Further Mr Graham, Wray and Rodentstein both covered for the FBI and DOJ. Wray is still providing cover but we can save that one for another day. All these people-the Mueller Team included-were involved in wrong doing of the highest order. Maybe worse than all this-if that’s possible-they were basically rounding up Trump surrogates and charging them with crimes to force them into turning on Trump;that is,LIE for the government. General Michael Flynn was probably the most egregious attack. Paul Manafort was no saint but his treatment was beyond the pale.I’m no Roger Stone fan but you would have thought he was a terroristic threat to the country the way they pulled off his arrest. They tried to set up George Papadopolous but thank God he was smart enough to know something was fishy.How many people in the FBI and other agencies involved in spygate have faced justice? NONE. The Durham Report was a head fake. Barr was probably the biggest head fake in the whole scheme of things. He never intended to do a damned thing about bringing any of them to justice either. The bottom line is they all got away with it but they also had to make sure Trump was not re-elected.Their main goal was always to get him out of office. They even considered trying to pull the 25th amendment. We know they went for the 1st impeachment. FAIL. Now their main goal had to be, keep him from getting re-elected. Given all that they had done to date-felonies all over the place -in the effort to remove a duly elected legit sitting President,*it begs the question; what WOULDN’T they do to keep him from getting re-elected?

I’m not going to get into all the details here or i’d end up writing a book but we can look at the big picture at least. There were several critical states the night of the election that could swing the election either way. There were states that were clearly called for Biden. There were states that were clearly called for Trump. They don’t warrant scrutiny. It’s these critical states where election rules were ILLEGALLY changed or anomalies so strange you couldn’t miss them.That is where the coup was pulled off.The one thing the plotters didn’t anticipate and probably took them totally by surprise was the size of the Trump landslide. They had to make up the difference in votes but they never expected to have to make up a massive difference. Georgia was probably the most obvious for one reason. The water break story. The critical states shut down the vote simultaneously but Georgia’s excuse-the water break-didn’t pass the smell test. The media couldn’t even put the story out there without looking suspicious. I’d be willing to bet people were calling into the Trump campaign to offer congratulations because they saw the same thing we did, a HUGE win. It was odd then too because the media was warning Trump NOT make any kind of announcement. It wasn’t long after that warning the media was breaking the news Biden was going to make an announcement. Very bizarre. Biden came very close to hinting a victory. The vote shut down. We were left hanging. We thought Trump had likely won but we also felt something in the pit of our stomach that night too. Something didn’t feel right about it. My own gut instinct told me something was wrong. This was not how elections typically went. I’m old enough to have seen plenty of elections.NONE of them EVER went like this one.

You know as well as i do you wouldn’t have to rig the election in all 50 states. You know as well as i do you wouldn’t have to rig the election in a state as a whole. All you would have to do to fix an election is pull it off in given cities/counties where you could be corrupt enough to manage it .Illegally change the laws, kick out the watchers, do an illegal hand off -there are ways if you had the people willing to do it. Tell me they weren’t willing to do it and Biden and his pals weren’t corrupt enough not to care how they did it. He had plenty of pals.[Unfortunately some of them were Republicans]. They had been plotting it for months. They own up to it in the Time magazine article but instead of calling it the coup it was, they had the audacity to use verbal engineering and call it ‘saving democracy.’ When someone tells you what they are going to do it’s a good idea to believe them.

Remember Hillary telling Biden not to concede under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES? Now if she had told Joe not to concede if the results were questionable that would make sense. It happens and you can contest a questionable election. She was telling Joe not to concede under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Let’s look at some other facts while we’re at it.They (i’m using a broad term here for the cabal)gave Trump- a sitting President- the boot off Twitter .Parler went out. Facebook accounts have been shut down. Left and right there is censorship having to do with Trump and the election. They really want any questions re the election shut down. Does this sound like the actions of a candidate who has legitimately won an election? Biden; the candidate who spent more time under a lid than campaigning. Biden; a candidate who barely left his home state of Delaware. Biden; a candidate who could barely fill a parking lot for an event. Then they actually try for a 2nd impeachment of a man who is no longer in office. Let that sink in.

i did not get into the weeds here and break it down(another time) but the broader overview should be compelling enough. I will say this as a wrap up. I will be proud to cast my 3rd vote for Trump in 2024. I shouldn’t have to do that,none of us should,because he won in 2020 but we’ll be there again.

*effort to remove a duly elected legit sitting President. Isn’t that the working definition of a coup?