Covid 19 in 2021

The CCP virus is still dominating our news cycles in 2021. When the pandemic first hit our U.S. shores in 2020 we honestly had little knowledge of what exactly we were dealing with. Pres Trump had to respond as best as possible with scant information but he started out on the right foot given the circumstances. He banned travel from China-the country of origin-and later Europe even as he was widely criticized by Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. He was called everything under the sun from xenophobic to racist. He stuck to his guns. He always put the American people first. Unfortunately there was very little anyone could do. It was a virus that should have been contained in China. He did everything humanly possible given the information we had at the time. It’s still difficult to separate good information from misinformation. It’s really difficult when the experts are on a learning curve themselves.

Let’s go through some ideas i have heard through the grapevine.

You’re in a fish market.

“if you can smell the fish,the virus can get in.”

this is a totally off the wall comment. You can breathe wearing a mask. Breathing is taking oxygen in(inhaling) and letting out(exhaling) co2.
You can take in oxygen and breathe wearing a mask so of course you can smell odors.The problem here is that a virus and an odor are 2 different things.
Sense of smell explained:
Your sense of smell is called olfaction. Your sense of smell relies on your nose’s recognition of tiny particles in the air called odorants. Odorant particles are released from their source for many different reasons.[For example]A pizza in the oven is being heated, so many of its molecules will gain extra heat energy that allows them to vaporize and fly into the air. Source:


All true viruses contain nucleic acid—either DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid)—and protein. The nucleic acid encodes the genetic information unique for each virus. The infective, extracellular (outside the cell) form of a virus is called the virion. It contains at least one unique protein synthesized by specific genes in the nucleic acid of that virus. In virtually all viruses, at least one of these proteins forms a shell (called a capsid) around the nucleic acid. Certain viruses also have other proteins internal to the capsid; some of these proteins act as enzymes, often during the synthesis of viral nucleic acids. Viroids (meaning “viruslike”) are disease-causing organisms that contain only nucleic acid and have no structural proteins. Other viruslike particles called prions are composed primarily of a protein tightly complexed with a small nucleic acid molecule. Prions are very resistant to inactivation and appear to cause degenerative brain disease in mammals, including humans.

The common cold is a virus. A cold virus enters your body through your mouth, eyes or nose. The virus can spread through droplets in the air when someone who is sick coughs, sneezes or talks. It also spreads by hand-to-hand contact with someone who has a cold or by sharing contaminated objects, such as utensils, towels, toys or telephones.Source:

It does make sense then that all the precautions you could take to avoid a cold you could employ to avoid Covid. The spread is similar. i am NOT saying a cold and Covid are the same thing. They are similar in that they are both viruses and they both spread in similar ways. Some of the symptoms of Covid resemble the symptoms of a cold and if you’re not tested it may be hard to tell the difference. The similarities end there.As contagious as the common cold is,Covid is extremely contagious. Covid can be asymptomatic;meaning you’re infected but have no symptoms. The symptoms can be mild and resemble a cold or flue. It can be deadly especially to the elderly or people with comorbidity.

i never considered the virus a hoax. Pres Trump took the pandemic seriously. The evidence that it’s real is overwhelming.

i never considered it that dangerous though since nobody in our circle had gotten it. That was true until recently. i knew of one elderly person who was short of breathe,went to the ER and died shortly after from Covid. A person that had tested positive. Two relatives from my husband’s side of the family caught it after they moved to California. Finally, i got a call from our church prayer line to pray for the intentions of a woman who was on a ventilator from Covid and her baby who was premature. I’m assuming it had to be a young woman since she was of child bearing age. She certainly wasn’t an elderly person.Once it starts hitting closer to home you become a little more concerned.

It does make sense to protect the vulnerable. It does make sense to use good practices as recommended. I do know that there were mixed messages in the beginning but remember that the government of China and the WHO organization weren’t exactly forthcoming with accurate information. i do know that Pres Trump was in untenable situation.How do you inform the American people that there is a deadly virus to be concerned about but not send everyone into a panic either? Widespread panic would have been catastrophic too. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out where that would have gone.

Is a mask 100% effective? No, but i do know when either my husband or i have a dr appointment we’re expected to wear a mask. We are told that if we have certain symptoms we should not make an in person appointment. We are given the option to wait in our vehicle until we are called. We are told we may only come in with 1 companion. i have the feeling the precautions we take to avoid catching or spreading Covid have to be helping to stop the spread of the flue and colds. If our family physician[PCP] is concerned enough about his patients to expect us to follow these guidelines then i have to assume there is reason to be concerned and the guidelines are helpful. Are there exceptions where the virus was spread even when the guidelines were followed? Yes,i’ve read those. They’re surprising but rare; it tells me there’s a lot we don’t know about Covid 19. We’ve come a long way in treating cancer and know more than we did even 20 yrs ago but there’s still a lot we don’t know. We just thankfully know more.

Do we know more now than we did at the beginning of the pandemic? Certainly. We have more data. Do we know enough yet? My guess is we’re still learning as we go. Will we know more at the end of 2021 than at the beginning? Hope so. It would stand to reason. I know this as a layperson. It’s a tricky little bugger. For every question answered it seems like we have plenty more that aren’t. i think each of us has to take stock of how much of a threat it is to each of us given our age,our condition, our overall health. If i’m an 80 yr old,morbidly obese person who suffers from COPD and a weak immune system i would consider the CCP virus a huge threat and act accordingly. If i’m a healthy young adult with no underlying conditions and a strong immune system i wouldn’t be throwing all caution to the wind but i would definitely get on with the business of living. We can take the virus seriously but use common sense too.Most people don’t go into work or hang out with other people when they have the flue knowing they could spread it to other people. Common sense.

As a final note i want to say something that you should take as personal opinion only. i have no concrete evidence to back it up. I believe that the CCP regime in China deliberately developed the virus and deliberately released it.Keep in mind i have no evidence,nothing to back that up & it’s just conjecture on my part. Call it a hunch if you like. i could be flat out wrong. Whether that’s true or not we do know for fact they DELIBERATELY covered it up and lied; then convinced the WHO organization to deliberately cover it up and lie for them.