(104) If You Think Trump Is ‘Finished’, Think Again | Larry Elder – YouTube

Side note: i remember the Nixon, Kennedy, Ford and Muskie races but the one that really stands out is Edward Kennedy. Kennedy was with a young lady he should never have been with,Mary Joe Kopechne. i still believe to this day he had been drinking(he was known for it) and that he left her there to die. The reports say he could not have saved her anyway but the point is he didn’t even try. He saved himself then failed to report the accident for hours. Kennedy was the statesman among the Democrats. Never forget who they are. It’s like their admiration for Sen Robert Byrd a former Klansman but not just a rank and file Klansman; an Exalted Cyclops. We can’t forget to mention Hillary Clinton thought of radical Saul Alinsky as her mentor,Bernie Sanders spent his  honeymoon in Moscow and  Obama admitted,while he was in college,he sought out the Marxists and radicals. This is who they are. 

Larry Elder has been demonitized by you tube. Please continue to support his work, especially now. At the end of the video he will give you an address you can find him at.